Property Index – Real Estate Prices


Property Index – Real Estate Prices

How Europeans Live and What It Costs Them

This study contains comprehensive information on selected European residential markets – how Europeans live and what it costs them.

Published in 2016

This year we are answering the question: “What size of dwelling can you buy for EUR 200,000?” This allows for observation and comparison of residential markets with a new perspective. Our goal is to provide you with European residential market data. How do Europeans live, and how much does it cost them?...More

Published in 2015

Although the prices of real estate in the Czech Republic are higher than in other Central European countries, they are among the most affordable in the region. On average, Czechs need 7.1 gross annual salaries to buy a new apartment of 70 square meters, in comparison with 7.2 gross annual salaries to be paid in Poland and even 7.8 gross annual salaries in Hungary...More

Published in 2014

Residential real estate in CE countries and Portugal is noticeably cheaper than in WE countries. In our region, the prices of new apartments range from EUR 917 per square metre in Hungary to EUR 1,186 in the Czech Republic...More

Property Index – Real Estate Prices

Published in 2013

Despite a moderate decrease in prices in 2012, Prague remains one of the most expensive Central European cities, with a price for a new dwelling amounting to approximately EUR 2,500/m2...More

Property Index – Real Estate Prices

Published in 2012

The time Europeans with average income need to earn money to buy a new dwelling (70 m2) differs. While a multiple of 2.4 of the average annual gross income is needed to buy a new dwelling in Denmark, it stands at 9.1 in France...More

Property Index – Real Estate Prices
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