Archive of surveys


Archive of surveys

The archive of surveys pursued by Deloitte CIS Research Center.

Deloitte CFO Survey of the Leading Companies in Russia

Key trends | 1H 2017

In 2017 various sectors of the Russian economy demonstrated a robust recovery. However, there is always a possibility that changes, including positive ones, will be followed by unexpected events and outcomes. Knowing this, companies show growing interest in advanced management techniques, strategic management tools and approaches to their implementation.

Media Consumption in Russia. Key trends

We are pleased to present the results of our first research initiative dedicated to a comprehensive study of media consumption in Russia.

The methodology of the research includes both qualitative (focus groups for Moscow residents aged 18-28) and quantitative (online polling based on representative sampling of 1,600 respondents in Russia) data collection methods.

Current status and trends in Russian agribusiness 2015

Survey of leading food and beverage producers

Starting from 2015, such research will be carried out annually and will become part of a comprehensive study on Russian agribusiness. We look forward to inviting this year’s survey participants to be involved in our future research projects.

Development Trends and Practical Aspects of the Russian Pharmaceuti­cal Industry – 2015

Since the end of 2014, the Russian pharmaceutical industry has been affected by the overall economic situation in the country (devaluation of the national currency, economic slowdown and decreasing purchasing power of the population etc.) and the global geopolitical situation (sanctions imposed against Russia, etc.).

Iron and steel industry report

The iron and steel industry is a basis for the development of a number of industries in the global economy: the defense industry, transportation and heavy engineering, energy and construction (including aeronautical and shipping construction). Moreover, the iron and steel industry is closely related to the chemical industry and light industry. It shows that the iron and steel industry has the potential to contribute to the competitiveness of national producers and to the growth of the national economy.

2015 Manufactu­ring in Russia

A number of radical changes in the international economic and political situation took place during and in between the stages of the survey, therefore we present our analysis segmented by the two data collection periods.

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