Deloitte CFO Survey Georgia - 2018


Deloitte CFO Survey Georgia

Deloitte CIS Research Centre | 2018

Deloitte Georgia would like to thank all those who participated in the survey of the CFOs of the leading companies in Georgia that we conducted in February – March 2018 as part of our global research project entitled Deloitte CFO Survey. We appreciate your time and interest in our research. 

It is no secret that the automation and implementation of new technologies both in production and management areas remain the most discussed topics. Our latest research on the financial climate in Georgia focuses on business transformation that has already occurred or is expected to take place as a result of innovative development. The expert opinions collected in this survey allowed us to conduct an integrated analysis of the Georgian business environment, as well as to study the sentiments and expectations of market participants regarding their companies’ development and the market overall. 

We are pleased to present you with the key findings of our research. We hope that you will find this report useful and informative, and we would be grateful if you would participate in our next survey.

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