Tax functions in leading Russian companies in 2017


Tax functions in leading Russian companies in 2017

Key findings

Unlike the situation three or fours years ago, the year 2017 is characterized by noticeable recovery of the global economy, revival of business activity and, in particular, improvement in the financial situation of Russian companies. Taxes serve as a powerful tool influencing businesses and investment climate of a country. Therefore, most recovery processes in any economy are naturally accompanied by changes in the national taxation system. As a result, much focus is being given to business transformation that is driven by changes in tax legislation and practices, which, in turn, stimulates companies’ interest in improving efficiency of their tax functions. 

There has never been a more critical time to move beyond just tracking government initiated tax developments towards a reliable and comprehensive impact analysis of the changes already introduced to the taxation system, including forecasting the effect of the decisions that are being discussed or had been made. 

In Tax functions in leading Russian companies in 2017 we give a comprehensive analysis of the following topics:

  • Tax function’s role in a company;
  • Accounting system and automation;
  • Electronic document management (EDM);
  • Human capital;
  • Controls and risks;
  • and areas for development of in-house tax functions.

We would like to thank everyone who took part in our survey. We hope this report will be of interest to you.

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