CSR Managers Survey 2015 in Central Europe


How CSR has influenced Central European societies and economies. Lessons learnt and future trends.

CSR Managers Survey 2015 in Central Europe

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sustainable development are all new concepts that were mostly unknown through Central Europe less than 20 years ago. Today we can see a growing number of companies in our region that consistently follow in the footsteps of the most advanced global enterprises, implementing strategic initiatives and thus increasing their contribution to sustainable social and economic growth. This year we decided to check the level of CSR maturity of companies in Central Europe.

The report we are presenting is a first ever attempt to look at CSR practices in ten Central European countries: Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Kosovo, Lithuania, Latvia, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia and Hungary. The impetus behind our survey was to commemorate the 15th anniversary of the Responsible Business Forum. In addition to Deloitte’s survey in Central Europe, the Forum and market research company PBS conducted the same survey among CSR managers in Poland. Both surveys show the role of CSR practitioners in promoting social responsibility in companies as well as their insights on the positive effects of CSR on the social and economic condition of each country.

One of the main conclusions found in this survey is that the majority of CSR managers in Central Europe (84%) believe business has played a role in solving social and economic problems in individual countries, in particular protecting the natural environment, supporting education and counteracting unemployment.

CSR managers see the best chances for social and economic development of their countries in the impact of business on the growth in the competitiveness of the economy, the positive impact of enterprises on employment rates and aligning work availability with actual needs as well as their impact on the knowledge-based economy and intellectual capital growth.

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