Corporate Governance

Board Effectiveness Reviews - 2017

Board evaluation is seen by regulators, shareholders and independent directors to be a critical element of global best practices in corporate governance. The Russian and UK Corporate Governance Codes call for Boards of Directors to conduct self-assessments annually and to arrange independent reviews every three years.

Deloitte’s Corporate Governance team offers assistance in both facilitating self-assessments and in conducting independent Board Effectiveness Reviews. We provide our services in the CIS through our Moscow-based Corporate Governance specialists, with methodology support and quality assurance by our UK team.

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Our services

Facilitated Board Self-Assessment

Deloitte assists Boards by facilitating self-assessments, which typically take the form of an extensive survey. We can help create the survey questionnaire or advise on the Company’s existing format. Surveys are completed online and sent to our secure servers, thus ensuring confidentiality. We provide a concise report with aggregate statistics, saving you the time of reviewing raw data.

Board Effectiveness Review

We tailor our well-tested methodology to the specific organization in question. We believe that the evaluation of the Board should encompass more than structures and processes; understanding Board dynamics is a core part of our review. We provide a report with our analysis of the state of the Board and recommendations for improving its effectiveness.

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