Deloitte Tops Forrester’s Global Ranking of Enterprise Risk Management Consultants


Deloitte Tops Forres­ter’s Global Ran­king of Enter­pri­se Risk Manage­ment Consul­tants

Deloitte has attained the highest score overall in a new report on Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) by respected independent research company Forrester Research.

In the report, The Forrester Wave: Enterprise Risk Management Consulting Q4 2005, Forrester grades the leading global providers of ERM consulting services across 37 criteria, judging services capabilities, prior client experiences, and ability to handle risk engagements in multiple geographies. The report states that "Deloitte sees ERM as a fundamental component of doing business in today’s economy. Proper corporate governance requires linkage of key performance indicators to key risk indicators around business strategies aimed at maximizing value. Deloitte led in Forrester’s evaluation by showing clear ability to set strategy and business integration of ERM from the top of the organization down into the business processes and systems."

Deloitte Enter­pri­se Risk Manage­ment Consul­tants
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