IPO Readiness: Are you ready for the IPO Journey?


IPO Readiness:

Are you ready for the IPO Journey?

Be confident you are ready to list: A Deloitte IPO readiness review will leave you fully prepared to execute a successful IPO.

To complete a successful IPO it is vital that you are ready to list at the right moment. Many IPOs are delayed, or even fail completely, due to a lack of rigorous up-front planning.

Deficiencies in the planning stage can impact the IPO process in a number of ways:

  • late identification of significant issues which can derail the process;
  • lack of skill-set in the organisation to meet the requirements of the IPO process; or
  • insufficient resourcing levels to deal with the requirements of the IPO on top of the
    ‘day job’.

The consequences of a failed IPO can be significant for any organisation – with implications for company reputation, morale and the significant real costs incurred for no ultimate benefit.

Our approach to IPO readiness

We have used our combined experience from working on IPOs in the last decade to create our IPO diagnostic tool – the diagnostic underpins a rigorous assessment process covering all areas of your organisation, and gives you confidence in the completeness of our findings. 

Over a relatively short period of time and with minimal impact on senior management we can gather the information we need to complete our diagnostic. Our assessment concludes with a focused management presentation, a written report detailing prioritised findings on the deficiencies in your organisation to be rectified in advance of any IPO process, and a tailored first draft timetable for your specific situation.

Working alongside you we will then develop a step-by-step practical response to the issues raised to leave you ready for the challenges ahead.

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