Compliance management


Compliance management

In the modern global economy, where legal requirements and the demands of foreign trade partners are changing rapidly, a company could fail to react fast enough, which could interrupt operations, negatively affect its revenue and reputation, or even risk a complete suspension of their activities.

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We help organizations develop, evaluate and/or implement compliance systems. We determine the legal and regulatory requirements, develop and/or assess compliance procedures, outline  compliance functions, define the compliance perimeter and conduct employee training.

We assist in all aspects of the compliance system. Our methodological framework is based on best practices and the relevant standards (including ISO 19600).

We offer:

Compliance system development

An effective compliance system not only ensures alignment with all regulatory requirements, but also gives companies a competitive edge. We help our clients develop a transparent corporate compliance framework, including:

o    compliance risks assessment;

o    identification of risk processes;

o    definition of regulatory requirements;

o    development of recommended compliance procedures.

Compliance system assessment

We help our clients assess their existing compliance system to ensure the effective management of possible regulatory risks and the organization’s readiness to respond promptly and appropriately to changes in applicable legislation. The assessment involves:

o    compliance risk assessment;

o    identification of risk processes;

o    definition of regulatory requirements;

o    testing of compliance procedures;

o    development of recommendations to improve an organization’s compliance system.

Compliance system implementation

We help organizations understand existing and new regulations and create compliance systems that ensure alignment, and the comprehensive management of regulatory risks. We support organizations throughout the implementation process and provide support if they lack the necessary personnel or person-hours. We also assist clients who require specific knowledge in a certain area of compliance.

We support the implementation of  compliance systems by:

o    developing the necessary internal regulations;

o    developing compliance procedures and implementing them in the internal control system;

o    developing the compliance function with due consideration of the division of powers in the organization;

o    providing training for the organization’s employees.

Compliance system testing

In the modern world of rapidly changing legislation, it is important for an organization to understand how effectively the compliance system functions, which is why we recommend the routine testing of compliance procedures. To do this, we offer of the services of our professionals who will complete the following tasks quickly and efficiently:

o    development of the testing methodology;

o    testing;

o    development of recommendations to improve an organization’s compliance system.


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Sergey Kudryashov

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