Occupational Health and Safety


Occupational Health and Safety

The business environment of today is fast moving. While some changes bring new opportunities, they also bring risks. Keeping abreast of these developments while ensuring rigorous health and safety practices requires constant improvement to the organization’s vision, strategies, methodologies, and approaches.

Our highly experienced team takes a holistic approach to addressing these challenges.

  • Independent OHS assessment

    An independent assessment of the OHS system can provide insight into whether your organization complies with Russian laws and regulations and global best practices. This useful tool helps uncover the root causes of incidents and breaches, identify risks that require further attention, and drive performance and business continuity.

  • Safety culture assessment and improvement

    We use widely recognized assessment frameworks such as the Bradley Curve, Patrick Hudson’s safety culture ladder, and a number of global best practices to help determine a company’s current maturity level. This lets organizations identify priority areas for development that will allow them to move on to the next level.

    We leverage our thorough understanding of global best practices and specifics of Russian plants to deliver maturity assessments of safety culture that meet your specific needs and business objectives.

  • Safety climate assessment

    Safety climate refers to how employees and executives perceive the role and value of safety in their organization at a particular point in time. An assessment of the safety climate gives insight into employees’ attitudes towards safety policies, procedures, and practices, shedding light on their behaviors and attitudes towards safety in general.

    We can evaluate your safety culture using a well-known tool—the Loughborough University Safety Climate Survey (LSCAT).

  • Contractor safety management

    We adopt an end-to-end approach to preventing OHS risks from arising during contractor activities:

    • Initial assessment: we develop a methodology for an initial assessment of your contractors
    • Selection: we establish selection criteria for contractors that factor in the maturity of their safety cultures
    • Motivation: we develop safety incentive schemes to drive the right behaviors among contractors
    • Training: we create safety training programs for your employees and contractors
    • Compliance assessment: we evaluate your contractors’ work from commencement to acceptance
    • Development of contractor safety management policies
  • Health, safety and environmental risk management

    HSE risk management is a set of activities aimed at reducing the likelihood of health and safety risks and mitigating their impact.

    We implement globally recognized health, safety and environment (HSE) best practices that focus on key aspects of risk management, as well as Deloitte’s time-tested Risk Intelligent Governance framework. We can provide the following services to your organization:

    • Develop and implement a risk-oriented approach and risk management system
    • Develop HSE risk management methodologies
    • Assess the efficiency of risk management system
    • Move your risk governance up the maturity level
    • Identify major health and safety risks
    • Deliver employee trainings on various risk management methodologies
    • Assess human factor risks
  • Health and safety critical control management (based on ICMM methodology)

    The International Council on Mining and Metals (ICMM) has developed a guide on health and safety critical control management (CCM) to help companies prevent unlikely but potentially disastrous events. The CCM is primarily focused on identifying key health and safety risks and implementing and monitoring relevant critical controls.

    Our team in the CIS, working together with other Deloitte practitioners around the world, are always on hand to provide advice and assist you in implementing ICMM recommendations.

  • HSE automation

    Mitigating HSE risks, compliance with regulatory and internal requirements, and streamlining HSE processes are key priorities for management. These goals can all be achieved with automated applications.

    We can implement and improve solutions powered by SAP EHSM, NOGGIN, and 1C: and provide subsequent support.

  • Digitization of HSE processes

    We can develop a digital strategy to transform your HSE processes and help you reach a whole new level of safety by utilizing state-of-the-art technology.

    The digital strategy is tailored to your strategic goals. During our work, we will:

    • Examine your current HSE framework, identifying bottlenecks
    • Assess the digital maturity of your HSE processes
    • Create “cards” for each digital initiative to improve OHS
    • Assess your technological readiness to go digital
    • Prioritize digital initiatives based on your criteria (need for implementation, maturity and general availability of the solution, required effort, etc.)
    • Describe the steps to implementing each initiative
    • Perform a cost and benefit analysis for each initiative
    • Identify implementation risks
    • Develop and implement a roadmap.
  • Health and safety training for employees and managers

    Managing health and safety in a dynamic environment means that employees’ skills and knowledge must constantly be improved. We help companies keep their OHS competencies and knowledge up to date. Our services:

    The digital strategy is tailored to your strategic goals. During our work, we will:

    • Development of a OHS competence model.

      A competence model is a set of interrelated characteristics, skills and qualities that an employee needs to perform their job successfully.

    • OHS training and development

      Our health and safety experts develop and conduct training sessions, workshops and webinars for a wide variety of audiences. These programs include drills, interactive assignments, thematic discussions, and case studies.

      Deloitte’s key OHS training and development programs include:

      • OHS leadership and safety culture maturity
      • Behavior-based safety (BBS) audits
      • Contractor safety management
      • Safety incentive schemes
      • Health, safety and environmental risk management
    • Business games

      A business game is an interactive training activity that immerses each participant in a simulation. We create business games from scratch and tailor them to your specific industry and business.


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