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Operational Risk & Transformation with Process Mining

State-of-the-art business operations are largely process-driven and supported by a variety of IT systems. An incomplete picture of how business processes are really working can lead to costly mistakes and incorrect decisions in terms of transformation and optimization of business processes. Their ever-growing complexity poses tremendous challenges for process transparency, control, and efficiency.

At Deloitte, Process Mining helps you reconstruct and visualize system-based workflows across the company, ensuring full transparency in real-time.

How we create Transparency for your business processes

Many business processes leave digital footprints (e.g. logs) in your IT systems, and Deloitte professionals can reconstruct your actual end-to-end processes. Using state-of-the-art Process Mining Technologies, we can make your processes more transparent and your controls over business operations more effective.

Key functions of our Process Analysis and Control Dashboard:

  • End-to-end actual process visualization
  • Process status on the transactional level
  • Verification that processes conform with their models using deviation reports
  • Detection of systematic and individual process bottlenecks
  • Interactive drill-down function for root-cause analysis
  • Multi-dimensional and dynamic KPI-analysis
  • Benchmarking of business processes
  • Process automation overview, identification of automation potential

What comes after transparency

Based on data- and fact-driven insights from top-down and bottom-up perspectives, we help you define and prioritize process optimization measures to tackle process bottlenecks and support your digitalization strategy. Our business and industry experts will help you implement these measures, ensuring operational efficiency, cost savings and compliance.

Besides implementation, we will also train your functional teams to use the Process Analysis and Control Dashboard to track optimization results. This will allow your organization to promptly detect problem areas and empower your leaders to make swift management decisions.

Where to start

Our agile service offering provides you with a head start on your process excellence journey and a step-by-step roadmap.

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  • 1. Proof of Value

    provides insights into the vast potential of Process Mining based on an express-analysis of your existing data:

    • Quick prototyping of one process in focus by leveraging standardized building blocks;
    • Hands-on workshops with our Process Mining and lean management experts;
    • First insights on hidden optimization potentials.
  • 2. Process Diagnostics

    yields highly-quantified and actionable improvement measures targeted at substantial impact and a fast return:

    • Deep-dive analytics on processes and associated behaviour across system boundaries;
    • Lean and industry expertise is utilized to fix deficiencies, creating best-in-class process landscapes;
    • Potential for robotics process automation (RPA) and system reconfiguration is revealed;
  • 3. Continuous Evolution

    embeds Process Bionics into the DNA of your organization, ensuring holistic and continuous process optimization

    • Gapless integration of Process Bionics capabilities and analysis blueprints into the corporate core;
    • Setting up dedicated governance structures for Process Excellence, thereby owning Process Bionics;
    • Comprehensive training strategy for key practitioners and lean experts to preserve best-in-class competitive advantage;

Significant savings from transparency

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Sergey Kudryashov

Sergey Kudryashov

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Sergey Akimov

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