IT management and Digital Risk


IT management and Digital Risk

IT is more than just information technology: it is a critical element of every organisation’s operations.

We offer our clients the following IT-related services:

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IT governance, IT processes, and IT audit

Using our internal Deloitte methodology, as well as industry-standard frameworks like COBIT, ITIL and global best practices, we help identify key processes and IT governance practices in your organisation. Our experts then create a customized approach and define metrics for evaluating these key processes and practices, which are specially tailored to your organisation’s individual needs and IT environment.

We perform in-depth analysis of your organisation’s IT governance and IT processes to identify major risks in six domains:

Continuity Security Sustainability Compliance Quality Financials







Our professionals deliver pragmatic advice on the issues identified and suggest the most efficient and effective solutions.

We can also assist organisations in creating and implementing roadmaps to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their IT governance.

IT Compliance

We help build and support organisations’ IT processes, making sure they comply with local and international regulatory acts, legislation and regulatory requirements.

Predictive Project Analytics

How often do your IT projects meet the expectations of key stakeholders (in terms of cost, timing and performance)? What has been the impact of failed projects?

Our practice can support you by providing the following services:

  • Independent project risk assessments
  • Follow-up of projects’ execution and delivery (Independent Verification and Validation)
  • Review of processes and controls used for project management.

Technological and Digital Risks

Risks associated with using technological solutions in business processes are becoming increasingly significant. When modern technologies are implemented and subsequently put to use, it is critical to bear in mind the risks associated with them, including risks incurred when such solutions are not sufficiently effective in terms of overall business processes.

We can help you by:

  • Reviewing and analyzing technological and digital risks
  • Developing and implementing approaches to technological and digital risk management
  • Assisting you in selecting and implementing the best solutions for your company as a whole or for individual business processes.

IT due diligence

IT is an increasingly important factor when making investment decisions for business development or M&As. We can help you conduct a comprehensive analysis of your IT function to ascertain its alignment with business goals and the extent to which it supports other parts of the organisation. This enables us to assess and forecast potential IT risks and costs when transaction terms are still being prepared, as well as further down the road.

Assessment of risks associated with blockchain

New technologies like blockchain involve potential risks that must be identified and controlled. This is especially important when such technologies are the main element of an organisation’s IT infrastructure, rather than just a separate application, as is often the case with blockchain.

With this in mind, project managers should work together with internal stakeholders like cyber-security, internal audit, finance, compliance, IT, and in-house legal functions to identify and prioritize significant risks.

In this way, organisations can develop proactive risk management mechanisms.

We can provide a range of services that help you analyze, identify and manage risks associated with blockchain implementation.


Sergey Kudryashov

Sergey Kudryashov

Partner, Risk Advisory

Sergey is leading Operational Risk and Crisis Management practice in Risk Advisory. Sergey has over 15 years of internal audit, control, and risk management experience in Russia. He also has exposure ... More

Sergey Akimov

Sergey Akimov

Assistant Manager, Risk Advisory

Sergey has over seven years of experience in finance, during which he has formulated business requirements for the automation of financial and tax accounting and drafted technical specifications for I... More