Doing business in Russia 2017


Doing business in Russia 2017

The past few years have seriously changed the business environment in Russia, especially in terms of taxation. Tax governance is becoming increasingly consistent with international approaches, integrating the country’s fiscal system into the global tax framework.

The legislative and regulatory efforts are meant to improve stability and predictability, making the investment climate milder and the business environment more attractive for all players.

Following the international BEPS prevention activities and in a bid to ensure the fair distribution of VAT between jurisdictions, Russian legislators introduced VAT for e-services rendered by foreign providers to Russian consumers.

Thin capitalisation and transfer pricing rules have been reexamined and redefined, eliminating some tax loopholes while easing up the excessive, economically unjustified regulatory restrictions.

As far as global best practices, environmental protection has never been so high on the Russian business agenda. Massive changes made to the environmental legislation encourage the companies to take on a greater social responsibility and to improve their waste management practices. A wellthought system of environmental duties is now in place to incentivise greener behaviours.

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