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Deloitte CIS Tax and Legal Department has extensive experience in providing services to various sectors of the manufacturing industry. Many of our specialists have worked in manufacturing companies. Our in-depth industry knowledge means that we have the skills to deliver comprehensive tax and legal support at the highest level.


We provide the following tax and legal services:

Analysis of the tax function and methodology

Tax function analysis:

  • Analysing the tax function and the approach to compliance with Russian tax legislation as well as engaging tax function specialists in key business processes;
  • Assessing internal controls and developing recommendations for improvements;
  • Analysing internal policies and methodologies and providing recommendations on tax reporting preparation;
  • Analysing the tax compliance of the internal procedures for the introduction of new products or the tax accounting of current products.

Methodology analysis:

  • Analysing the tax compliance of a company’s current methodology and the accounting of its operations[DM2] . The analysis is based on existing court practices and the explanations issued by the relevant authorities and takes the specifics of the company’s operations into account;
  • Analysing individual transactions for the adequacy of methodological support;
  • Identifying methodological discrepancies and transactions that are not covered by the existing methodology;
  • Providing recommendations to improve the current methodology based on the analysis.


Boosting tax and cost efficiency

  • Analysing tax efficiency and identifying ways to reduce tax costs;
  • Introducing automated tax accounting and e-document management systems;
  • Analysing the company's operations to identify potential areas for tax optimization;
  • Preparing legal positions to justify the tax saving methods adopted;
  • Restructuring operational activities and advising on holding structures and the application of the beneficial income ownership concept;
  • Delivering solutions for nontax payments (recycling fee, environmental duty).


Tax risk assessment

  • Analysing the tax compliance of the tax function and tax accounting framework;
  • Analysing the correctness and completeness of the calculation of taxes and fees in accordance with Russian tax legislation;
  • Analysing the company's interactions with tax authorities;
  • Analysing the applicability of certain tax concepts to the company's operations (including the applicability of transfer pricing rules, beneficial ownership concept, etc.);
  • Analysing the tax compliance of intercompany transactions;
  • Assessing the tax implications and risks identified during the analysis;
  • Giving recommendations on reducing the tax risks identified during the analysis.


Tax monitoring

  • Support in introducing and subsequently participating in various formats of tax monitoring (turnkey or specific processes).

Environmental fees

  • Selecting the best solution to fulfill the legal requirements;
  • Identifying the most efficient recycling methods;
  • Developing a methodology for calculating environmental fees;
  • Preparing all accounting forms and submitting them in electronic copy;
  • Settling disputes with the Rosprirodnadzor regarding the receipt of licenses.


Track & Trace

  • Developing and introducing a track & trace system for goods in compliance with the requirements of tax legislation;
  • Identifying the risks and opportunities involved in the use of a track & trace system;
  • Legally formalizing the track & trace system and preparing internal policies for it.


Risk-based auditing

  • Pre-trial and court dispute resolution with tax authorities
  • Developing the required policies and methodologies and introducing automated tools.


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