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Svetlana Meyer

Managing Partner, Tax & Legal

Svetlana is the Managing Partner at Deloitte CIS Tax & Legal and the leader of the Private Client Services practice. Svetlana’s team offers a full range of services, including the preparation of personal tax returns, tax authority relations, tax aspects of personal ownership, private income structuring, implementation of long-term incentive plans, tax treatment of estate and gifts.

Svetlana has an impressive record of accomplishment with Deloitte CIS and other Big Four firms in Moscow, St. Petersburg, and London. Personal taxation has been Svetlana’s area of expertise for over 22 years. Svetlana has taken part in and led many projects for private clients, including individual tax filings, avoidance of double taxation, development and restructuring of personal ownership and investment vehicles, change of residence, and personal investments.


Leonid Pechernikov

Director, Private Client Services

Leonid is a Manager in the Private Client Services group within the Tax & Legal department of Deloitte CIS. Leonid’s expertise covers such areas as development and implementation of equity-based long-term incentive plans, personal income tax implications on transactions with securities and futures contracts, international taxation and consulting on various other issues related to personal taxation.

Yulia Orlova

Partner, Chemicals and Industrial Products, Japanese Service Group Leader

Yulia is a tax and legal partner at Deloitte CIS, leading the Manufacturing Industry Group, the Chemical Industry Group and the Japanese Service Group.

Yulia joined Deloitte in 2002 from the Moscow Directorate of the Federal Tax Police. Over more than 20 years of tax consulting experience, Yulia has led and taken part in many tax audits and projects on tax consulting, tax structuring, and transfer pricing.

Yulia leads Deloitte’s cooperation with the state authorities, professional bodies, and industrial associations, to name but a few: Rosprirodnadzor, Rosprirody, the Chamber of Tax Consultants, the Russian Union of Chemical Producers, and the Corporation for the Development of the Middle Urals. These relations contribute to widening the firm’s footprint in the sector and establishing its leadership as a tax and legal advisor.

Yulia earned her Specialist’s degree with honours from the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation, where she majored in banking and finance. 

Oxana Zhupina

Partner, Consumer Products

Oxana has been working in the field of taxation since 2002 and has extensive experience, conducting tax audits, tax due diligence and consulting for large Russian and multinational companies. She holds a degree in economics is a Certified Professional Tax Consultant and is an ACCA member. Oxana works with client from the manufacturing, consumer goods real estate and transport sectors. 

Artem Vasyutin

Partner, Tax & Legal

Artem heads the Tax & Legal practice in St. Petersburg. He has worked with consumer businesses and the manufacturing sector and has assisted a number of major investors in Russia with green-field projects, M&A deals, financing structuring, obtaining tax incentives like property and profits tax breaks, as well structuring of key agreements in the industry.

Tatiana Kofanova

Partner, Automotive

Tatiana serves the largest international and Russian automotive manufacturers and suppliers for a variety of tax services including transfer pricing, restructuring and tax saving solutions.

Natalia Kuznetsova

Partner, Corporate Tax

Natalia is a partner with Tax & Legal at Deloitte CIS. She is responsible for liaising with strategic clients and implementing complex cross-functional projects.

Her experience in tax exceeds 20 years and includes a tax partner position (Head of International Tax) with another Big Four firm in Russia and a tax directorship in a major private equity fund, focusing on investments in Russia and the CIS.

Throughout her career, Natalia has successfully implemented multiple large-scale projects, including global legal restructurings of groups of companies, development of complex operating structures across many territories, investment fund structuring, and advising private clients on personal wealth matters and capital succession.

Natalia’s clients include large international and Russian companies, as well as high-net-worth individuals and family offices.

She has been many times included into the International Tax Review’s Women in Tax Leaders rating.

Maria Podosenova

Director, Corporate Tax

Maria has over ten years of tax experience in Russia.

She has advised multinational and Russian clients on various corporate tax matters and related accounting and financial matters. Maria focuses on the Retail, Consumer, and Manufacturing sectors.

Maria’s projects include:

  • Tax advice on all major Russian taxes
  • Tax advice on setting up and structuring Russian operations, mergers, and restructurings
  • Full-scope accounting and tax compliance services
  • International tax structuring
  • Buy-side and sell-side tax due diligence and reviews

Before joining Deloitte in 2007, Maria had worked for one of the leading consumer business companies in Saint Petersburg.

Oxana Kozhina

Director, Corporate Tax

Oxana has more than nine years of experience in corporate taxation, gained at various Big Four companies; she focuses on the consumer (including retail) and industrial sectors.

Oxana’s project portfolio includes detailed tax reviews, forensic reviews, tax audits, due diligence projects, supplier checks, business restructuring, tax treatment of inventory losses and surpluses, development of incentive programmes and cost-sharing guidelines, as well as on-going tax consulting.

Oxana has a significant experience in restructuring projects and domestic transfer pricing projects.

Gennady Kamyshnikov

Partner, Energy & Resources

Gennady has more than 20 years’ experience, working in the tax and legal sectors in Russia and authored key elements of the tax legislation in 1992.
He holds a Master’s in Economics, a Master’s in Law and a PhD in International Tax. Gennady led the CIS Tax & Legal function for 6 years and now leads our activity in the Energy and Resources sector.



Andrey Panin

Partner, Energy & Resources

Andrey joined Deloitte CIS in 2005. His main responsibility is business tax in energy and resources.



Yuliya Menshikova

Director, Energy & Resources

Yulia specializes in providing tax advice to companies of the Energy & Resources industry. She has acquired essential experience in providing tax advisory services to both foreign and large Russian clients, specializing in international taxation and taxation of energy and resources companies (including issues related to activities on the continental shelf).

Yulia’s professional experience also includes international and Russian tax structuring and transaction support of assets acquisition, tax cost management and tax function efficiency improvement, including matters related to the specific nature of business activities of energy and resources and service companies, corporate restructuring strategy development, pre-IPO structuring for large Russian Groups of companies, structuring of transactions related to loan capital attraction, development strategies for withdrawal from investment projects, diagnostics of potential tax risks



Tamara Arkhangelskaya

Director, Indirect Tax

Tamara Arkhangelskaya joined Deloitte in 2007 from another Big Four firm. Tamara heads the Indirect Tax group. She has extensive experience in tax consulting, gained in numerous projects involving tax audits, tax reviews, and due diligence for customers in various industries. To name but a few, Tamara dealt with acceleration of VAT refunds, introduction of ERP systems, and development of separate accounting policies for VAT purposes, both for large multinationals and Russian companies.

Tamara holds an MSc in Applied Mathematics in Economics from the Moscow State University of Economics, Statistics, and Informatics.

Oleg Berezin

Partner, Life Sciences and Healthcare

Oleg joined Deloitte in 2003, after 17 years in industry and six years with another big four firm. He heads the Life Sciences and Healthcare Industry Group and the Chinese Services Group for the C.I.S. firm. Oleg works mainly with foreign investors entering and expanding their operations in the Russian market, advising on tax, customs and legal matters. He holds a Masters Degree in Economics. Oleg uses his rare spare time to travel.

Elena Solovyova

Partner, International Tax

Elena has more than 20 years of experience at Deloitte in the field of Russian and international taxation. She holds a PhD in Economics and is an Associate Professor at Moscow’s Lomonosov University, where she completed her undergraduate studies. Elena leads projects for large Russian and International clients, focusing on tax planning and tax law compliance. Elena is also an author of courses for students of taxation.

Yulia Krylova

Director, Real Estate

Yulia is a director in the Tax and Legal Department in Deloitte CIS' Moscow office.
Having worked at Deloitte for over 12 years, Yulia has gained significant experience in providing tax-consulting services to major foreign and Russian clients; she covers property and international taxation.

Yulia's professional experience includes:

  • Due diligence of investment contracts, co-investment contracts and other contract arrangements for construction investments (shared construction contracts, partnership agreements, work contracts, etc.);
  • Testing current corporate group structures for the applicability of Russian legal 'de-offshorization' initiatives, identifying viable options for excluding controlled foreign companies from corporate structures, including relocation, cross-border mergers, etc.;
  • Structuring and supporting strategic investment deals, developing efficient corporate group structures, structuring debt transactions, laying out exit strategies for investment projects, identifying potential tax risks, conducting pre-investment tax and financial analysis of target companies (due diligence).

Oleg Troshin

Director, International Tax

Oleg specialises in advising Russian and multinational enterprises on the tax implications of cross-border transactions, cash repatriation strategies, development of tax-efficient holding, finance, licensing, and management structures, corporate restructuring and reorganisation, joint venture formation, investment project exit strategies, acquisition structuring, and development of solutions to increase operational efficiency. He has also advised in a number of M&A deals, providing tax review of transaction documents.

Sector-wise, Oleg focuses on Financial Services, Energy & Resources, Real Estate & Construction, Consumer and Industrial Products, Transportation and Technology, as well as private investment companies. As an invited expert, Oleg is consulting the government on various tax initiatives, including the ‘deoffshorisation’ legislation.

Dmitry Kulakov

Partner, Transfer Pricing 

Dmitry is a Partner in Tax and Legal Services Department of Deloitte. Dmitry has extensive experience in providing advice on complex tax issues, structuring inbound investments, as well as in leading M&A projects. Dmitry has also been concentrating on advising clients in the Media and Entertainment sectors.



Vladimir (Willy) Elizarov

Partner, Technology, Media and Telecommunications

Following 11 years with another Big Four practice in Israel and in the US, Willy joined Deloitte CIS in 2013. He specialises in transfer pricing in the financial services and technology, media and telecoms sectors, focusing on transfer pricing planning, documentation and audit defence. Willy’s experience is in complicated transactions involving intangibles and the valuation of derivatives. He holds a BA and an MSc, both from the Israel Institute of Technology. Willy is an avid football fan.

Alexey Sobchuk

Director, Transfer Pricing

Alexey began his career in transfer pricing as part of the International Tax Department with one of the Big Four firms in 2007. He provided transfer pricing advisory services to leading Russian and foreign companies for four years, including such services as functional and economic analysis, the development of transfer pricing methodologies and supporting documentation, financial modeling as part of transfer pricing projects and a lot more.

Alexey also served as Deputy Head of Transfer Pricing and International Cooperation Department within the Federal Tax Service of Russia. In this capacity, Alexey was responsible for development of various documents aimed at the implementation of new transfer pricing laws in Russia and acted as the representative of the FTS in transfer pricing agreement negotiations with taxpayers. He also took part in negotiations with foreign tax authorities. Alexey was a member of interagency working groups jointly set up by the FTS with other government bodies (the Ministry of Finance, the Federal Customs Service and the Russian Patent Agency) to address transfer pricing issues.

Yulia Sinitsyna

Director, Transfer Pricing

Yulia has over 13 years of experience in Russian taxation.  She has been advising major Russian and multinational FMCG and retail businesses on transfer pricing matters with a focus on offering integrated consultancy on the tax and legal regulation of intellectual property.

Yulia has an extensive track record of managing IP projects, in which she

  • Analysed and structured IP licensing transactions, developed IP pricing methodology
  • Conducted IP valuation for tax and TP purposes
  • Developed tax accounting approach and policies for IP
  • Analysed performance of the client’s marketing function, proposing a tax-efficient contract structure and developing the optimal pricing mechanisms for IP transactions

Pavel Balashov

Partner, Business Process Solutions

After a long career in accounting, taxation and audit services, Pavel joined Deloitte in 2005 l and leads the Outsourcing and Tax Compliance group. He has a Degree in International Economics and is a Certified Russian Auditor Pavel has extensive experience providing accounting, tax compliance services and tax advice related to business setup, expansion and restructuring.

Elena Kovalevich

Partner, Business Process Solutions

Before joining Deloitte in 2004, Elena gained broad accounting experience working with a European pharmaceutical company. She holds a Professional Accountant’s Certificate, is a Member of the Russian Institute of Professional Accountants and has a Master’s Degree in Economics. Elena and her team provide accounting and tax consulting services to major clients and offer fully outsourced accounting and tax compliance solutions.

Svetlana Borisova

Partner, Deloitte Private

Svetlana is the Deloitte Private Leader. She has extensive experience in implementing complex projects for private companies and family offices. Svetlana has over 17 years of accounting and tax experience, including 13 years with Deloitte providing accounting outsourcing and tax compliance solutions, methodological support, as well as implementing deoffshorization projects.

Svetlana has a degree in economics, and is a member of the Russian Institute of Professional Accountants.

Kazbek Dzalaev

Partner, Technology & Processes in Tax and Accounting (TPTA)

After an early career in hospitality and professional services, Kazbek joined Deloitte in 2007. He has 9 years of experience in finance, accounting and taxation and related technology. Kazbek has a Degree in Economics and Management and is a Certified Russian Professional Accountant. His key experience is in ERP systems implementation, shared service centers, tax and accounting business processes optimization, and tax and finance function development. He is a fan of snowboarding and soccer.

Anna Klimova

Director, Electronic documents flow

Anna specializes in electronic documents flow (EDF) implementation. EDF addresses such process inefficiencies like necessity to  work with hard copies, manual document alignment processes and so on.

She has broad knowledge in the area of documents flow management transformation, ranging from cost-effectiveness analysis and roadmap development assistance to the full-scale of e-documents implementation.

Anna has a more than 15-year track record in finance, accounting, and tax. She is a paperless technology expert for several non-for-profit cross-industry working groups and has been engaged in the field of government relations for many years, especially in promoting the development of a paperless environment in Russia.

Anna Borisova

Senior Manager, HR Solutions

Anna is a senior manager in Business Process Solutions (BPS) group at Deloitte CIS.

She has over 10 years of T&L experience in Russia.

Anna specialises in payroll, employment tax, and HR services for large Russian and international companies and has an extensive experience in:

- payroll and HR compliance projects

- payroll and HR health-check projects

- business process optimisation projects (payroll- and HR-related parts)

- developing and facilitating trainings on payroll- and HR-related matters for clients

- review of compensation and benefits policies, developing of remuneration systems for clients

- evaluation of knowledge and technical skills of potential candidates for the clients

- consulting on payroll, labour law and other employment-related matters.

Anna has a significant experience of payroll and HR projects for companies in the energy & resources, pharmacy, legal, and manufacturing sectors.

Anna earned her degree in accounting and audit from Volgograd State University.


Tatiana Kiseliova

Partner, Global Employer Services

Tatiana leads Deloitte’s Global Employer Services (GES) group in the Tax & Legal department of Deloitte in Moscow.

For the last 22 years of her career, spent with Deloitte and another Big Four company, Tatiana has focused primarily on providing consulting on complex issues in the area of global mobility, including Russian personal income and payroll taxation issues, social security, employment structuring. Tatiana spent 2 years on secondment to the UK, where she specialized in the administration of employee benefit schemes involving trust mechanisms.

Tatiana has extensive experience in consulting multinational companies operating in Russia as well as Russian companies having operations abroad with respect to structuring employment of mobile personnel, compensation and benefits issues, long-term incentives, tax and social security planning.  The services she provides to her clients include the following:

  • Personal income tax compliance
  • Currency control compliance
  • Developing equity compensation plans for Russian companies
  • Structuring tax-efficient remuneration packages and employment schemes
  • Designing compensation packages for international assignments

Irina Androncheva

Director, Global Employer Services

Irina is a director with Deloitte CIS, having joined the Tax & Legal Department in November 2014. Irina began her career with another Big Four firm and has about 15 years of tax experience in Russia. She has witnessed many dramatic changes in the Russian tax and business legislation. Irina's clients include international companies investing in Russia and the CIS, a number of large Russian companies, and private clients, including individuals that conduct business in Russia. Irina specializes in personal taxation and tax planning services, Russian compliance reporting and provides professional advice on compliance with the currency, migration and anti-corruption legislation.

Yulia Sivova

Manager, Immigration services

Yulia joint the Deloitte team in 2017 as the Immigration Group Lead. Yulia has dealt with immigration matters since 2009, when the Highly Qualified Specialists regime was just introduced, so she has a thorough and deep understanding of all the regimes, processes, and practical aspects related to foreign nationals staying in Russia.

Over more than seven years of relevant professional experience, Yulia has worked with a great number of multinational companies and newly established businesses alike, supporting employment of foreign employees in Moscow and other regions of Russia. She has also conducted a number of high-level and in-depth trainings and courses on immigration law, advising on options and scenarios for corporate global mobility programs, and lots of other activities.

Dmitry Pozharniy

Director, Mergers and Acquisitions

Dmitry is a senior manager in the Tax & Legal department at Deloitte CIS. At Deloitte, Dmitry is responsible for developing service offerings in relation to tax-based transactional support for mergers and acquisitions.

In addition, Dmitry’s areas of expertise include tax consulting, transfer pricing, international structuring and analysis of tax efficiency in organisations’ operations.

Dmitry graduated with honours from the Finance University (formerly the Budget and Treasury Academy of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation) and is a member of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA), UK.

Anton Zykov

Partner, Tax Dispute Resolution

Anton Zykov leads the Tax Dispute Resolution (TDR) group in Deloitte CIS. Anton has been representing client interests in disputes with tax and customs authorities, currency control bodies and other government agencies since 2000.

He advises companies and individuals on tax audits and assists with out-of-court settlement of tax disputes. On multiple occasions, Anton was able to achieve successful outcomes when appealing against decisions of tax bodies with the central department of the Russian Federal Tax Service.

Anton has represented client interests in Russian courts in disputes on transfer pricing and economic justification of interest expense, and defended clients against claims of obtaining unjustified tax benefits. On numerous occasions, he acted as an expert on Russian law in international courts.

He is included in the Legal 500, Chambers Europe and Tax Controversy Leaders ratings. Anton is a graduate of the Faculty of Law of Voronezh State University and has been a certified lawyer since 2003.

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