Business Process Solutions


Business Process Solutions

Companies of all sizes have recognised the advantages that can be gained by outsourcing non-core functions. With a specialist taking charge of your tax compliance, accounting, payroll, HR or international reporting, you can concentrate on what really matters — delivering value to your shareholders.

Whether your business is a new entrant to the local market or a multinational corporation and wherever your operations are in the CIS our team have the solution you’re looking for. Our team have access to Deloitte professionals around the world to ensure that we are able to provide you with the high quality advice you need whatever your business sector.

We participate actively in discussing the drafts of Russian tax and accounting laws and regulations with governmental bodies and authorities and have the understanding of the new regulatory requirements and their impact on business, so we are ready to propose solutions by the time new regulations come into force.

Our services

Tax compliance

Many companies rely on our team to take charge of their tax compliance processes. For the optimisation of our clients’ tax burden, we offer a wide range of business solutions. Our streamlined tax compliance processes and use of proprietary technology could be the solution you’re looking for...More


Whether you’re looking for full service, allowing your own finance team to maintain an oversight role, or simply require help preparing appropriate documentation, our team of specialists, who have vast experience in both using and implementing various ERP systems, can provide the service you need...More

International Reporting Services

Whether you are a subsidiary of an international business operating in Russia or a Russian business looking for security and credibility, we can help you produce financial statements that are compliant with IFRS, US GAAP, or your own internal standards. Browse through our wide range of services...More


Payroll calculation and processing is complex. Companies prefer to outsource this function to high-level specialists to maintain confidentiality, ensure compliance and mitigate tax and labour risks. Aside from our full scope of payroll services, we can also undertake a payroll health check review...More

HR services

HR compliance in Russia is multifaceted and administratively time consuming. For this reason, many companies choose our team to manage their HR compliance issues for which we provide a number of services. Deloitte’s experts are always available to provide advice on complex labour issues...More

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Working as One

Plugged into compliance

Ripple effect

Our clients need a partner that really understands their business and provides the flexibility to respond to their evolving need and shifting priorities. So we work in tandem with them and their people. Seamless collaboration that helps our clients make best use of internal and external expertise around the world.

We have invested heavily in the process, tools and technologies to integrate with clients business model, service centres and systems. A seamless platform for your compliance and reporting that delivers flexibility, visibility and control across the globe. 

At Deloitte, we prefer to see compliance as the beginning and no the end. We believe the insights that come from compliance can be turned into real business value and strategic advantage for your organization. That`s why we continue to invest in the tools and technology to transform the way you manage and use your tax data and information.

Key contacts

Pavel Balashov

Pavel Balashov

Partner, Business Process Solutions

After a long career in accounting, taxation and audit services, Pavel joined Deloitte in 2005 and leads the Outsourcing and Tax Compliance group. He has a degree in International Economics and is a Ce... More

Elena Kovalevich

Elena Kovalevich

Partner, Business Process Solutions

Before joining Deloitte in 2004, Elena gained broad accounting experience working with a European pharmaceutical company. She holds a Professional Accountant’s Certificate, is a Member of the Russian ... More

Svetlana Borisova

Svetlana Borisova

Partner, Business Process Solutions

Svetlana is the Deloitte Private Leader. She has extensive experience in implementing complex projects for private companies and family offices. Svetlana has over 17 years of accounting and tax experi... More