Calculation of fines for failure to comply with OHS requirements

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In the current epidemiological situation, it is more important than ever that organizations meet the occupational health and safety (OHS) requirements and focus on the employees’ health and safety. The OHS requirements are strictly regulated. An organization’s efforts to comply with them must be confirmed by mandatory internal documents and procedures and are subject to review by the authorized bodies.

Failure to comply with the OHS requirements may endanger the employees’ life and health. Failure to complete a special assessment of working conditions (SAWC), discharge by employees of their job duties without completing a mandatory OHS training and subsequent knowledge assessment, and other OHS violations are penalized with administrative sanctions.

The OHS violations that result in severe health damage or death of an employee entail criminal liability as per the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation.

We have developed an online calculator to help you perform a high-level assessment of the consequences of the OHS violations. It will help you comply with the legal requirements and identify key risk areas. 

Calculation of fines for failure to comply with OHS requirements

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Fines for the OHS violations are imposed under the Code of Administrative Offenses of the Russian Federation. From the court practice, however, we can see that in some cases the authorities multiply the amount of the fine by the number of employees affected.

Please note that the calculated fine amounts are not final: they are mere benchmarks to help you identify the key OHS risks and mitigate them. We will be pleased to provide specific recommendations on OHS risks mitigation in your company.

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