HR and Payroll


HR and Payroll

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Payroll and HR compliance is complex. Companies prefer to outsource this function to professional providers to maintain confidentiality, ensure compliance, and mitigate tax and labour risks. Aside from our full scope of payroll services, we can also undertake a payroll health-check review.

We would be happy to provide you with the full scope of payroll and HR services.

Payroll Management

  • calculation of employees’ net pay, dealing with any wage types in the company: from salary and bonuses to northern coefficients and mark-ups, sick leaves and vacations, meals, housing, severance payments, etc.
  • distribution of payslips to employees
  • calculation of payroll related tax and social contributions
  • review of travel and expense reports to ensure compliance with internal policies and to meet official regulatory requirements
  • a review of your payroll accounts, policies and procedures to ensure they meet the requirements of current Russian legislation and market best practices

Payroll and HR Reporting

  • preparation and submission of statutory payroll reporting and management reports
  • support in dealing with official authorities such as the Russian Pension Fund or local tax inspectorates

Labor Compliance

  • preparation of mandatory documentation on employment, dismissals, vacations, business trips and other events related to personnel issues in accordance with the Russian labour legislation
  • analysis of compliance of the company's processes with the requirements of the existing labour legislation
  • development and implementation of internal procedures, guidelines, and internal policies
  • adaptation of international policies to the Russian labour legislation
  • restoration of missing HR documents
  • obtaining pension certificates and registering new employees with the Pension Fund
  • verification of the implementation of military record keeping
  • consultations on various issues of employment, labour legislation, and taxation
  • assistance during labour compliance audits
  • short- and long-term support of Deloitte specialists in your company's office

Labor Safety

The Russian Labour Code and other regulations set out the requirements for labour safety in organisations. Companies can ensure their labour safety compliance by implementing the following compulsory initiatives: special assessment of workplace conditions, medical examinations, briefings and training sessions, and the preparation of statutory documentation.

Non-compliance with health and safety regulations is an administrative offence (Article 5.27.1 of the Russian Administrative Code) and an employer may be liable to financial and non-financial penalties, up to the disqualification of the company’s officers and the suspension of its operations. A breach of labour safety regulations that results in the serious injury or death of an employee is a criminal offence covered by the Russian Criminal Code (Article 143 of the Russian Criminal Code).

We would be happy to provide you with the full scope of our labour safety support services:

  • advisory services on compliance with Russian labour safety legislation
  • creation of legally-compliant templates for statutory labour safety documentation
  • assistance with special assessment of workplaces
  • assistance in organising labour safety training and knowledge tests
  • assistance in organising medical examinations

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