Russian and international personal income tax compliance and consulting services and advising on social insurance matters

According to the Russian legislation, it is the taxpayer’s responsibility to ensure compliance with the personal taxation requirements. Failure to comply entails liability and penalties.

Recognising the importance of this issue for our clients, our team offers a comprehensive package of personal income tax compliance services. In particular, it includes preparation of the required filings and interacting with the tax authorities on the taxpayer’s behalf. We offer a similar package for currency regulations compliance (reporting the currency resident’s foreign accounts, etc.).

  • We keep in contact with Deloitte’s teams in other countries to be abreast of the international best practices in avoiding double taxation, based on the existing double tax treaties, and use them quickly and efficiently.
  • We provide personal income tax compliance services to the mobile personnel, including the preparation of tax returns and assistance with remitting the tax payments
  • We set up tax, social insurance, and currency control onboarding and briefing sessions for employees relocating to/from Russia
  • We assist our clients with holding communications with the Russian tax authorities
  • We advise on Russian and international personal income tax matters and social insurance
  • We facilitate obtainment of documents requested by foreign tax authorities for double tax treaty provisions application purposes
  • We develop/review/optimise tax equalisation programmes and calculate the hypothetical tax
  • We conduct personal taxation trainings for employees of our corporate clients, including on taxation of equity-based incentive plans
  • We prepare reports on foreign accounts of Russian currency residents for currency control purposes

Key contacts

Tatiana Kiseliova

Tatiana Kiseliova

Partner, Global Employer Services

Tatiana leads Deloitte’s Global Employer Services (GES) group in the Tax & Legal Department of Deloitte in Moscow. For the last 22 years of her career, spent with Deloitte and another Big Four company... More

Irina Androncheva

Irina Androncheva

Director, Global Employer Services

Irina is a director with Deloitte CIS, having joined the Tax & Legal Department in November 2004. Irina began her career with another Big Four firm and has about 15 years of tax experience in Russia. ... More