Planning and implementation of staff relocation projects, follow-up on personnel adaptation in the host country

For every expatriate employee, relocation begins with a lot of practicalities, like finding a place to live, shipping the baggage, getting to know the city, enrolling kids to school, etc.

Unsurprisingly, quite a number of job offers or relocation assignments to Russia are turned down, because those practicalities for the expatriate employee and his family are not properly taken care of. One never gets a second chance to make the first impression, so relocation process as the first step of assignment can prove decisive for accepting or declining the offer.

Our Global Employer Services (GES) group at Deloitte CIS is fully aware of this, so we decided to set up a full-cycle service offering to support the mobile personnel, including the relocation and moving services.

To ensure the high quality of services, we joined forces with the world’s leader in expatriate relocation, represented in 60 countries around the world.

Deloitte CIS outsources some of the functions related to relocation process to a reliable business partner, while controlling the project overall and being the sole point of contact to the client.

Working in tandem, we build on our extensive experience, well-established structure, and orchestrated coordination to assist companies and individuals around the world, offering relocation solutions tailored to each client’s objectives and budget.

  • Door-to-door relocation to/from Russia (including all types of transportation — by land, by sea, and by air – and a preliminary briefing session)
  • Transportation of baggage, pets, and personal property (based on the innovative technological solution E-packing)
  • Short-term and long-term storage in private warehouses
  • Cargo insurance and customs clearance
  • Finding home and property management services (including negotiating the deal, preparing the lease contract package, follow-up on issues with the landlord)
  • Finding school for the kids
  • On-boarding/adaptation services for the newly arrived

Key contacts

Tatiana Kiseliova

Tatiana Kiseliova

Partner, Global Employer Services

Tatiana leads Deloitte’s Global Employer Services (GES) group in the Tax & Legal Department of Deloitte in Moscow. For the last 22 years of her career, spent with Deloitte and another Big Four company... More

Ruzanna Bekker

Ruzanna Bekker

Manager, Global Employer Services

Ruzanna Bekker is a Manager in the Global Employer Services group of the Tax & Legal department at Deloitte CIS. Ruzanna has been with Deloitte for over five years. She has a considerable experience i... More