Business Process Technology


Business Process Technology

Robotic process automation (RPA)

RPA (robotic process automation) is a robotic technology used to accelerate the performance of repetitive tasks and perform repetitive human actions based on defined rules without any additional modification of the core IT system.

We would be happy to provide you with full scope RPA services:

  • selecting a pilot process for robotization;
  • analysis of the processes selected for robotization to identify and prioritize those that are most appropriate;
  • designing a target process taking robotized steps into account;
  • developing a target process map and describing a target process;
  • developing the process actions (scripts) to be performed by a robot;
  • testing the developed scripts;
  • go-live of the pilot process;
  • training of key employees on the new processes as well as training for business analysts and/or robotic software developers.

Automation of Deferred Tax Calculation

Under amendments to PBU 18/02 that came into effect in 2020, deferred taxes are to be calculated using the balance sheet method.

We offer support in implementing the new calculation method and other changes under PBU 18/02, including:

  • developing methodology for calculation of deferred taxes and formation of tax registers;
  • improving the company's accounting system (1C, SAP and others).
  • ensuring correct assessment of tax value of assets and liabilities;
  • ensuring automatic calculation of deferred taxes;
  • adjusting registers for calculation of tax differences.

Support with ERP Implementation

Our team has extensive project implementation experience on all known applications (SAP, 1C, Oracle E-Business Suite, Oracle JD Edwards) as well as on less common international IT platforms. Whether your company is planning to implement a new ERP system from scratch or introduce a global corporate template, we are ready to offer you a full range of methodological support services for the project of implementing an ERP system for automated RAS financial and tax accounting.

Our services include:

  • Implementing turnkey 1C solutions:
    • full-cycle management of the system implementation project, from collection of functional requirements to commissioning and continued support;
    • post-commissioning modification and support.
  • Performing diagnostics and optimization of the implemented 1C solutions:
    • audit of the 1C-based IT architecture efficiency and standard functionality application completeness;
    • diagnostics of 1C-based solutions and subsequent remediation of deficiencies, including functional errors and performance issues;
    • assessment of the possibility of extending functionality and implementing additional configurations of 1C  and other systems, including the impact on existing systems and data flows;
    • audit of IT processes within the company in respect of 1C solutions, including the processing of user requests for support and improvement, development and go-live of modifications.

Technology Solutions for Automation

We develop our own solutions for automated reporting. We would be happy to provide reporting services using our solutions or provide our clients with solutions under license agreements. Our solutions can also be customized to meet the client's requirements.

1.   Solution for automated CFC and CbC reporting (KIMOgraph)

Key features:

  • calculating the actual share of ownership in each company of the group and group structure visualization
  • automated CFC reporting in accordance with Russian legislation (including in XML format);
  • automated notifications on participation in Multinational Enterprises and collection of data for country-by-country reporting in accordance with OECD recommendations;
  • calculation of management indicators

2.   Solution for automated preparation of VAT returns (Deloitte VAT Delight)

Key features:

  • automated analysis of transaction data in Excel template for correctness, format and completeness;
  • preparation of tax returns in XML format ready for filing with tax authorities.

3.   Solution for automated preparation of notifications on controlled transactions (TP Tool)

Key features:

  • review of an Excel template for controlled transaction notice against all existing control ratios, including review of format, completeness and completion logic;
  • conversion of notifications to XML format ready for filing with tax authorities.

Data Transfer Interfaces

It is common that companies use several IT systems to support their accounting processes. A lack of or failure to set up a process for transferring data between such systems can lead to increased labor costs, process inefficiencies and potential errors. Our team has the relevant expertise in accounting processes, methodology and IT that allows us to solve such issues successfully

Our services include:

  • performing diagnostics of the company's accounting IT systems and developing proposals for optimization and development of data transfer interfaces;
  • developing functional requirements for automation and target IT architecture;
  • designing data transfer interfaces between different IT systems;
  • developing turnkey data transfer interfaces or quality control of work performed;
  • developing approaches to data reconciliation between accounting systems.

Automation of parallel accounting under RAS and IFRS/US GAAP

Whether your company is a subsidiary of a foreign enterprise operating in Russia, or a Russian company, we can provide you with services to automate your financial reporting under IFRS, US GAAP or other standards.

Our services include:

  • performing diagnostics and developing initiatives to streamline reporting under IFRS/US GAAP or other standards;
  • automating data transformation from RAS to IFRS/US GAAP and other standards;
  • developing solutions for integration between local and international accounting systems for the purpose of consolidation data transmission.


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