International expansion

Services for IT business owners and private companies from the CIS


Deloitte professionals based in Russia and the CIS, California, and Central and Eastern Europe will be glad to share their international capabilities and expertise with IT business owners and private companies.

We help our customers solve the unique tasks each business might face when expanding abroad.

We are ready to support you in any area, from personal tax planning for business founders to recruitment abroad and preparing reporting when raising capital.

Fully aware that businesses must be open to growth and innovations throughout their lifecycle, we are your trusted advisor in making strategic decisions. 


Our services:

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  • Compliance

    • Personal tax compliance
    • CFCs and deoffshorization
    • Currency control
    • Immigration compliance
    • Cooperation with foreign banks (FATCA)
    • Tax dispute resolution team
    • Accounting and filings
    • Audit
    • US federal and state tax compliance
    • Sales and use taxes
    • Data protection and data management: General Data Protection Regulation; GDPR
  • Fundraising

    • Investments support in IT-related projects
    • Corporate governance
    • Diagnostics and performance evaluation
    • Fundraising, including IPOs and ICOs
    • Support with fintech and cryptocurrency projects
    • E-commerce structuring
    • Tax, legal, and financial due diligence
    • Support and structuring of business deals
  • Expansion & Sell-side

    • Sell-side planning
    • M&A diligence
    • Legal entity simplification
    • Cross-border transfer of IP rights
    • Post-merger integration support
    • Credits & incentives
    • State strategic review
    • New markets tax credits
  • Talent matters

    • Compensation and benefits
    • Immigration compliance
    • Global mobility planning
    • Equity-based compensation plans
    • Business travel
  • Structure

    • Personal holding companies structuring
    • International tax matters
    • Implementation of selected business structure
    • IP planning
    • R&D incentives analysis and implementation: Russia, US, and Europe
  • Activity

    • Professional business support
    • Technological solutions for business
    • Administrative accounting
    • Operational and strategic risk analysis
    • Management of financial risks (e.g., hedging)
    • Development of comprehensive risk management systems
    • Cyber security consulting

Latest news for IT business owners and private companies

Deloitte's international team is pleased to announce the launch of a new IT Chronicles news bulletin with the spotlight on IT business owners and private companies.

The bulletin will cover Russian IT news as well as IT news from the United States and Europe. We understand very well that our clients may be interested in entering foreign markets or expanding their presence there.

To cater for our diverse audience, the IT Chronicles will engage contributors from among Deloitte professionals based in the CIS, New York, California, Central and Eastern Europe. With us, you will always stay up to date with the latest IT news.

Key contacts

Svetlana Meyer

Svetlana Meyer

Managing Partner, Tax & Legal

Svetlana is the Managing Partner at Deloitte CIS Tax & Legal and the leader of the Private Client Services practice. Svetlana’s team offers a full range of services, including the preparation of perso... More