Regina Sadykova

Construction Project Management

Senior manager

Regina Sadykova

5 Lesnaya St.




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Regina joined the Construction Project Management team within the Deloitte CIS in 2013. Before joining Deloitte, she was a Cost Estimator for an engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) contractor. Her construction industry experience includes managing work and expenditures planning for major building projects. Her core competencies include:

  • cost planning and budgeting using costing standards databases;
  • measuring “work performed” ensuring compliance with relevant contracts;
  • preparing estimates via specialized cost control applications;
  • verifying cost estimates against commercial prices;
  • coordinating technical documentation;
  • managing payment certificates;
  • analyzing budgeted versus actual expenditures.

Additionally, Regina has extensive experience in determining and verifying construction costs for projects in the coal, telecoms, energy, pharmaceuticals, and metallurgical sectors, as well as in other industries.