Tatiana Gorlovskaya

Senior Manager, Tax & Legal

Tatiana Gorlovskaya

Tatiana is a Tax & Legal manager in the Business Processes Solutions group at Deloitte CIS, specialising in human resources, particularly including HR administration and Russian labour law. She has over 13 years of relevant experience in Russia in the following projects/areas:

  • Diagnostics, design, optimisation and automation of HR business processes
  • Design of HR shared services centers
  • Development of KPIs
  • Consulting on Russian labour law:

− Outsourcing of HR compliance procedures

− Development of policies and procedures

− Employees’ personal data protection

− HR and labour safety compliance review

− Development and restoration of HR and labour safety documentation

− Advising on complex HR compliance issues

  • Implementation of other HR projects

Tatiana has extensive experience with companies from various industries