Solutions for progress


Solutions for progress

Committed to driving societal change through innovation

Solving challenging problems is at the heart of what the Deloitte network does every day. Deloitte member firms are harnessing core business skills to tackle society’s toughest challenges, and using their convening power to collaborate across sectors. Around the world, Deloitte practitioners are identifying and nurturing innovative solutions for social good, and making an impact that matters in society.

Collaborating to accelerate impact on issues that matter

Societal challenges are spreading around the world at an alarming rate, that no one sector can address alone. These challenges include lack of access to education and economic opportunity, adequate health care, a clean and safe environment, and sufficient food and nutrition, among others. Innovative solutions are required to tackle these complex societal challenges that have the potential to be replicated and sustained. By leveraging the breadth of client service and innovation capabilities of the Deloitte network, and coalescing around the issues that are most relevant to our stakeholders, member firms around the world work together with government, nonprofits and social enterprises, to provide solutions that nurture innovative solutions for societal progress.

"It is only through innovative approaches, identifying solutions that can be scaled, and collaborating across sectors and borders that countries and organizations can achieve sustainable development"

David Pearson
Chief Sustainability Officer
Deloitte Global

It is only through innovative approaches, identifying solutions that can be scaled, and collaborating across sectors and borders that countries and organizations can achieve sustainable development.

Chip Cottrell
Chief Sustainability Officer
Deloitte Global

Deloitte’s approach to tackling societal issues

The Deloitte network is committed to driving change in the world, and a number of member firms are identifying opportunities to align their corporate responsibility and sustainability efforts with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The focus is on the following areas:

Implementation of innovative initiatives across the global Deloitte network: 

Deloitte member firms are committed to engaging with an ecosystem of innovators in their communities to identify the solutions that are best suited to tackle societal challenges at a local level. For example, through the Deloitte UK’s Social Innovation Pioneers program, high performing social enterprises were provided with a tailored package of support to help them grow to scale and become investment-ready. The program invested over US$1.3 million annually between 2012 and 2016. Over this time, Deloitte UK worked with over 60 social enterprises and achieved a 100 percent satisfaction rate.

Delivery of cross-border pro bono projects: 

Through the Deloitte Social Innovation cross-border initiative, Deloitte member firms are working across borders to provide innovative and scalable solutions that bring to bear new combinations of expertise to tackle issues spanning more than one region. In 2016, six pro bono projects began implementation - including projects that involve developing the strategies to provide access to labor-saving tools for small shareholder farmers, who are overwhelmingly female, in Cambodia; and deploying a go-to-market strategy for Faso Soap, aimed at reducing the impact of malaria in Burkina Faso.

Convene stakeholders across sectors: 

Around the world, Deloitte member firms are bringing together clients, pioneering thinkers, and diverse stakeholders to discuss approaches that focus on delivering innovative ideas and solutions that promote more just systems and building prosperous societies. For example, Deloitte Southern Africa in collaboration with the Western Cape Provincial Government Department of Economic Development & Tourism leads an annual Western Cape Funding Fair that convenes startups, small and medium sized businesses, and social enterprises to discuss critical business and societal issues, to enable them to develop bankable business plans. Deloitte Central Europe played a key role in convening stakeholders during the Global Summit of Women in Warsaw, Poland, which focused on the use of digital innovations to support women leaders make an impact on their organizations, teams and communities, as well as their own career development.

Case studies and research

The Deloitte network works across borders, with government, non-profits and social businesses to share its capabilities on topics such as leadership development, strategy and business operations, scenario planning, and logistics. Click on the links below to read about some of the projects that Deloitte member firms delivered:

The Deloitte network has published a number of research papers on social innovation and improving social outcomes:


Is it worth it? How to measure social return on investment
Published by: Mette Lindgaard, DTTL Social Innovation leader, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited

This book provides guidance for practitioners and decision makers to prioritize and measure the impact of their social interventions. It not only describes why it is important to work considering a social return on investment, but also provides insights on how this can actually be done. It introduces a step by step guide to identify outcomes, measure returns from government programs and apply these strategically to social work.

Is it worth it? - How to measure social return on investment
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