Transaction support 

Our Assurance teams work closely alongside cross-service line teams for our clients on a number of areas, including technical assistance on transactions, assisting on preparation of Historical Financial Information (HFI), debt comfort packages and KSA insolvency  and valuation.

Key assistance areas include: 

Technical assistance on transactions

Companies need accounting that provides comfort around technical accounting requirements related to specific activities or transactions, such as a merger or acquisition, a corporate restructure or refinancing exercise, or a cash extraction from the business, to help prepare in-house documentation and giving formal accounting opinions. This includes working in an expert capacity to provide an all-important accounting perspective on the transaction from the very start of the process. We also provide post-transaction support to help move from a transaction environment to business-as-usual, providing expert input into acquisition accounting, alignment of accounting policies, preparing the finance teams, from supporting the finance function, post the transaction being completed.

Assisting on preparation of Historical Financial Information (HFI)

The HFI underpins the transaction and is the track-record investors look to in making their assessment of the business. The track record can reflect multiple
complexities, including GAAP transitions, the implications of carve-outs and
acquisitions in the track record period, all of which require a broad range of
expertise to manage effectively. We can provide all of the assistance required
in relation to your HFI.

Debt comfort packages

We have also developed a market-leading approach to the delivery of bond comfort packages. We have a market-leading approach to the delivery of ICMA-style bonds and collaborate closely with our Global Capital Markets Group on issuances, which are open to US investors under S144a regulations. Our approach is tried and tested, and we are capable of leading on these financial work streams whilst working with your banking and legal advisers to deliver a transaction.

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