Enterprise Risk Services


Enterprise Risk Services careers

Mitigate risk. Maximize opportunities

In a marketplace where change is the only constant, new windows of opportunity don't stay open long. Clients need you to provide comprehensive solutions to complex challenges and rely on your expert insights to make decisions fast. You’ll help businesses understand their risks, and face them strategically.

Our ERS service areas

As a member of our Enterprise Risk Services group, you’ll help our clients excel by using your deep technical skills and team-generated solutions in one of the following service areas:

Internal audit: Collaborate with your clients to develop, build, and execute world-class internal audit solutions from advisory services to complete internal audit outsourcing.

Risk management: Help your clients “get their house in order” with analysis, reporting, and training solutions for their unique risk management needs.

Regulatory consulting: Advise your clients on proactive management of complicated regulatory, risk and control environments.

Control assurance: Work with your clients to identify and reduce risks in information technology environments, including internal systems, project assurance, business processes, IT governance, applications and data.

Corporate responsibility and sustainability: Offer clients a business-focused approach to reporting and managing the risks and opportunities of economic, environment, social and ethical issues.

Global energy markets: Focus on the complex challenges and risks confronting your energy clients, created by convergence and deregulation in their volatile and unpredictable markets.

Security services: Help your clients build and maintain technology infrastructures for minimum risk and maximum productivity.

Our expertise gets results

Clients choose us because our expertise achieves results. We increase organizations’ ability to proactively identify and manage all forms of risk so that they can succeed long-term. We help them make informed decisions and enhance communications with all stakeholders from regulators to market analysts. If you join our team, you’ll know you’re at the very top of your profession.