Tax careers


Tax careers

Make your mark on business around the world

As a tax specialist, you have a duty to keep our clients on the right side of tax law and to minimize the tax costs within their business. So it’s not just about numbers. You will need to be aware of all the implications of corporate tax, international tax, fringe benefits tax, employment and transaction taxes, and international transfer pricing.

Just start to consider the wide range of taxes and duties here in the Middle East, and the fact that corporations operating across borders in several countries have to deal with different taxes in each territory, and you’ll start to appreciate the complexities we have to deal with. Keeping abreast of tax law and finding ways to optimize a client’s tax position is highly stimulating work. Given all of the above, you won’t be surprised to learn that as a member of our Tax practice, you will be recognized as a first-rate business advisor, delivering tangible results and real tax savings. Our wealth of best practices and technical expertise is highly respected in the industry. In joining our Tax practice, you will grow with the support of recognized experts.

Our expertise gets results

Clients choose us because our integrated tax expertise achieves results. Our skilled technical experts work hard to elevate our clients’ tax function to a new level of efficiency and value. If you join our team, you’ll know you’re at the very top of your profession.