A new age for family businesses in the Middle East

Managing change and expectations

Family offices have continued to be the driving force behind the development and growth of economies across the Middle East.  The environment in which they operate is, however, changing. Both external market forces and their own complex internal dynamics are presenting family businesses with major new challenges.

We have conducted in depth interviews, with over 40 of the most prominent family businesses in the Middle East. These families operate across a range of industries through their core divisions, as well as via separate investments.

Our report serves to provide a barometer of market perception and confidence among family offices within the Middle East and highlights the current internal trends and the challenges faced by these businesses.  

It covers three broad areas: the current position, management and operations of the businesses; their strategy; and their prospects. We have limited our survey to those family offices operating within the Middle East, to ensure the results are not diluted by any trends, or characteristics of businesses in other regions.

The report highlights responses from family businesses on a number of key areas – including questions on succession planning, investment committees, return objectives, investment strategy, sector focus, financing arrangements as well as a general market outlook.

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A new age for family businesses in the Middle East
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