Discovery Managed Services

Deloitte’s eDiscovery Managed Services team tame the challenges of continuous and frequent data requests in a landscape of multiple data types, media channels, growing data volumes and new regulatory changes that require a ready response rapidly.

Deloitte’s eDiscovery Managed Services bring all of the benefits of the most advanced technology, technical expertise and scale without the burdens that come with them.

Benefits of managed services

Cost reduction

We are able to achieve significant savings over time for our managed service clients through a more strategic approach to eDiscovery which spans the entire data lifecycle.

Increased speed and control

As a client, you have greater control over outcomes thanks to the speed of response and tracked data and insights available from prior cases.

Consistent and reliable relationships

Clients will work with a dedicated core team that can scale up and down as required and is familiar with them and their business.

Reduced risk

We help clients understand the entire data landscape of their business and manage data-related projects with a consistent set of policies and procedures.

Access to a breadth of expertise

Deloitte is the world’s largest professional services firm with subject matter experts in a wide range of disciplines and domains beyond eDiscovery, who we can access quickly when unexpected challenges or opportunities arise.

Continuous improvement

Access to data relating to previous cases and the accumulated experience of a consistent eDiscovery team, clients to leverage learnings, refine processes and technology, and accelerate delivery. Performance metrics from previous cases help to predict costs and identify opportunities for improvement.

Best-in-class technology

To deliver these solutions and services, we have full access to a range of third-party tools that we can use, selected to meet your business’ specific needs and preferences, supplemented by proprietary applications developed in-house.

A range of flexible service options

From fully outsourced technology and services through to managed on-premise technology deployments and advisory support, we are able to customise and flexibly provide the right mix of services and solutions to meet the need and budget.

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Rana Shashaa

Rana Shashaa

Partner | Middle East Forensic Leader

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Boray Altunisler

Boray Altunisler

Director | Forensic

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