Business Intelligence Services (BIS)


Business Intelligence Services (BIS)

Reducing integrity risk, increasing confidence

Whether utilized as part of a due diligence process, asset tracing, or in situations of fraud, corruption or disputes, Deloitte Forensics’ Business Intelligence Services (BIS) team helps clients identify what they need to know about companies and individuals to help protect their reputation and integrity.

How we can help

With the aim of identifying information relevant to the target subject, be it an individual or a company, Deloitte Forensics’ BIS professionals conduct extensive research using a multitude of data sources, including open source intelligence, public records and proprietary databases. Where the information on a subject is scarce, the situation complex, or the questions asked are quite specific, the team will perform discreet source inquiries to add context to the research. Our trusted source network is drawn from the Deloitte network and well placed individuals outside of the network. Our services broadly include the below:

Integrity due diligence: Provides insight into a an individual’s or company’s track record and reputation, identify undisclosed business interests, political relationships, and ‘red flag’ issues such as references on internationally maintained blacklists relating to money laundering, sanctions, terrorist financing and political exposure.

Third Party Risk Assessments: Integrates traditional investigative techniques with technology-driven analytics to provide a cost-effective and tailored solution for conducting risk assessments on a high volume of relationships that an individual or company many have with third parties, such as clients, business partners, licensees, agents, contractors, distributors and service providers.

Enhanced Due Diligence: Seeks to verify and validate, over and above regular financial sector KYC procedures, a customer’s identity, profile, together with any relevant adverse information and assessing the potential risk of money laundering and terrorist financing.

Asset Searches and Tracing: Aims to identify, locate and verify assets around the world, including, for example, real property, aircrafts, vessels, participations, investments and beyond. We use an array of commercial data sources in tandem with Deloitte forensic accountants to trace back the ownership of assets to front companies and their facilitators, including links with parties falling under regulatory sanctions.

Investigation and Litigation Support: Assist in gathering background information and intelligence through a combination of open source research, commercial databases and discreet source inquiries relating to individuals or companies, to support with gathering background information on subjects relevant to the investigation and litigation cases.