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In a complex business dispute or regulatory investigation, all parties face one certainty: the discovery process. Deloitte’s global industry and technical experience yields a more intelligent approach to the discovery challenge.

Businesses are facing an unprecedented and increasingly complex data management challenge. Data is growing at an exponential rate. As organisations face the very real threat of litigation or investigation, the examination of data repositories will require experienced technologists to preserve and analyse their information in a forensically sound, fully defensible manner.

Around the world, Deloitte Discovery helps global organizations solve their toughest discovery challenges and improve their discovery processes, programmes, and technology.

Whether tasked with preserving data from thousands of mobile devices, or improving the efficiency of document review with new technology, we combine the highly specialized skills of our people, our commitment to technological advancement, and our vast global network to provide deeper insights and smarter, more efficient solutions.

Deloitte Discovery professionals work with companies and their legal counsel to complete the collection process quickly and efficiently, with a predictable cost structure. Using state-of-the-art tools and technologies, we can collect an extensive range of data sources and devices with minimum disruption to your business. Our professionals follow strict chain-of-custody guidelines. The collection methodologies and documentation are designed to meet legal acceptance.

Our team deliver solutions to complex electronic discovery challenges our clients face using our state of the art facilities and technology. We collaborate with our clients to assist with the preservation, collection, processing, hosting, and production of data subject to discovery.

Our regional data hosting platform, which hosts Relativity eDiscovery platform in an ISO-certified secure data centre in the Dubai International Finance Centre (DIFC) has been active since 2013 and has been utilised to support document review projects across the world. Deloitte also has the ability to quickly set up short-term processing and hosting centres at Deloitte offices, client facilities, or other sites.

Our experienced computer forensics professionals help our clients in a variety of fraud cases including information leakage, cyber-attack, malware incident, unauthorized access, fraudulent accounting, etc. Digital Forensics involves finding the critical information by collecting and analysing data from mobile devices, computer systems, servers, cloud systems and back-up media, while maintaining/preserving data authenticity and chain of custody. We can also conduct advanced digital forensics analysis on networks, RAM memory and mobile devices.

Reviewing data can be a very costly and time-consuming exercise when dealing with an investigation or litigation claim. Deloitte Discovery employs advanced analytics and reporting solutions that help to reduce the risks and costs associated with electronic discovery, whilst improving the accuracy of the work product. We leverage advanced analytics and statistical techniques to both inform attorneys about document populations that require review and to validate the use of cost-saving technologies.

Our team provides consulting services throughout the discovery process. We help our clients understand the drivers and challenges for each stage of discovery; ultimately providing a specific vision of where an organization stands on a capabilities maturity continuum, and then developing a plan for improving its profile based on industry, regulatory, and regional requirements, and for effectively responding to a discovery request.

We are also experienced in providing broad and cohesive expert witness services to help reduce cost and risk. Our professionals leverage computer forensic analytics and specialized data analytic tools to assist with identifying issues potentially relevant to a matter and have served as expert witnesses in numerous jurisdictions.

Following a trade/transaction through an organisation or analysing/comparing databases for critical information requires a different set of skills and technologies than the more traditional un-structured data discovery.

Deloitte Discovery performs research and analysis that cannot be done with standardized search criteria found on common eDiscovery platforms. We work closely with clients and industry experts to extract and analyse structured data from disparate systems and link that data to unstructured data.

We leverage experience and leading-edge technologies to create rule-sets and predictive models that provide clarity on complex, data-intensive cases. Additionally, we provide our clients with customized reporting through the analysis of text and structured data to provide a more transparent view and ultimately a better understanding of the matter.

During a merger, acquisition or divestiture, scoping, identifying and transferring of information is a major challenge.

With the exponentially growing data volumes held in multiple systems and various electronic and physical repositories, data separation in such scenarios efficiently and accurately with minimal disruption to the business requires the right expertise, methodologies and technology.

Deloitte Discovery assists organisations with identification and transfer of data assets in order to meet any regulatory, contractual and business continuity requirements as part of a large transformation programmes.

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Neil Hargreaves

Neil Hargreaves

Partner | Forensic

Neil transferred to Dubai in 2011 and leads Deloitte’s Forensic practice in the Middle East, having previously been a partner with Deloitte in the UK. Neil has over 30 years of experience in corporate... More