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Counting down to IFRS 17 Webcasts

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Deloitte's Counting Down to IFRS 17 webcasts hosted by Francesco Nagari, Global IFRS Insurance Leader. They focus on issues relevant to the insurers' journey to IFRS 17 implementation.

The influence of IFRS 17 on reward KPIs

What is the relationship between IFRS 17 and reward KPIs? How should the insurance industry approach changes on reward KPIs that are expected as a result of the implementation IFRS 17? What is the expected impact of such changes on the executive Total Reward design?

This webcast discusses:

  • The relationship between IFRS 17 and reward KPIs;
  • Which KPIs are affected and how they will change;
  • Broader effects of IFRS 17 on reward KPIs; and
  • An exemplary project plan in implementing the necessary changes.

Simon Walpole and Peter Devlin share their views on possible ways of addressing the challenges that IFRS 17 creates around the design of Total Rewards by creating customized solutions that integrate with the requirements of IFRS 17.

IFRS 17 Transition Resource Group Meeting highlights

14 February 2018

On 21 September 2017, the International Accounting Standards Board appointed the members of the IFRS 17 Transition Resource Group (TRG). Our latest webcast looked at the outcomes of the TRG's first meeting that took place on 6 February 2018, and discussed seven key papers relating to:

  • The separation of insurance components of a single contract;
  • The contract boundary of contracts with annual repricing mechanisms;
  • The contract boundary of reinsurance contracts held;
  • Insurance acquisition cash flows paid on an initially written contract;
  • Determining the quantity of benefits for identifying coverage units;
  • Insurance acquisition cash flows when using fair value transition; and
  • Issues that while they were raised by stakeholders' submissions, could be resolved by IASB Staff without a full paper for discussion at the TRG meeting.

Read more about the TRG's meeting in 'IFRS in Focus' on IAS Plus.

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Data management in the new world of insurance finance and actuarial

What are the key challenges facing insurance companies currently around data management? How does the work to address IFRS 17 fit with the approach insurance companies take on data management?

This webcast discusses:

  • The overview of the current insurance data environment from a finance and actuarial perspective;
  • The new era of insurance financial reporting heralded by IFRS 17; and
  • The impact of IFRS 17 on data and systems.

Francesco Nagari and Richard Marshall share their views on possible ways of addressing the IFRS 17 challenges around data management and on the range of solutions available to insurance companies to enhance their data integration and automation.

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