About Islamic Finance


About Deloitte ME Islamic Finance Knowledge Center (IFKC)

The Islamic Finance Knowledge Center (IFKC) is a Center of Excellence established to provide Islamic Finance thought leadership to industry professionals.

Mission Statement:

Deloitte ME Islamic Finance Knowledge Center (IFKC) is a global knowledge management center of excellence and Islamic finance thought leadership think tank that provide market knowledge and practice insights to the Islamic financial service industry.

Leveraging on Deloitte Analytics, its market intelligence and applied research, the Center imparts knowledge, skills, and innovation in products and services  with a prime objective to promoting and implementing change in Islamic finance practices around the world. As a result, the IFKC represents a one-stop shop for practitioners who seek to acquire knowledge and competency in different areas of technical expertise and Islamic finance practice.

Our Approach

Our approach and business model are stemmed from the need to promote knowledge-sharing practice and collaboration among industry stakeholders.

To support this philosophy, we have three operational objectives:

  • To create and promote a three-way collaboration between national regulators, industry standard setting organizations and Institutions Offering Islamic Financial Services (IIFS)
  • To support Deloitte’s service offerings and enhance the value we bring to our clients.
  • Promote professional excellence and integrity of practices among market participants.

Our Approach to the Industry| A three dimensional approach