Infrastructure M&A


Infrastructure M&A

Seamless transaction support for financial investors in infrastructure

Deloitte's global infrastructure M&A teams advise clients across the M&A and fund lifecycle, providing end-to-end support from the moment the funds are raised and opportunities are identified, to the conclusion of the transaction and onwards through the life of the asset.

Global interest in infrastructure investments is growing, thanks to the robust attributes of the asset class and the steady flow of new opportunities as governments explore alternatives to the traditional public provision of assets and services.

The challenge for infrastructure investors is to make the most of these opportunities by finding, structuring and closing the best deals in the most financial and tax efficient manner:

  • Asset sourcing: finding appropriate assets in the countries of interest that fit their risk profile 
  • Transaction structuring: determining the most appropriate financing mechanism and efficient acquisition structure to deliver the highest possible returns
  • Transaction support: accessing experts who can share the load, for example, by performing a thorough validation of the business case and conducting expert due diligence.
Deloitte's Infrastructure Investors Survey 2013

Deloitte's infrastructure investors team

Deloitte's global infrastructure M&A teams have been supporting financial investors in infrastructure, including infrastructure funds, pension and superannuation funds, sovereign wealth funds, and insurance companies around the world for many years, advising on the delivery of complex, cross-border transactions. Specialist practitioners based in Australia, Asia, Europe, and the Americas have a deep understanding of the sector, financing mechanisms, regulatory regimes, and key players.

Deloitte's I&CP dedicated team offers a comprehensive range of transaction-related services, providing end-to-end support, from the moment the prospect is identified through to the conclusion of the transaction and beyond, including: 

  • Infrastructure asset assessment against key investment criteria
  • Fundraising and structuring advice
  • End-to-end transaction support, including acquisition due diligence and structuring, M&A tax and tax compliance
  • Lifecycle maintenance and cost optimization of fund portfolios
  • Market knowledge and insight
  • Asset and industry specialists.

Deloitte provides comprehensive, integrated solutions for investors, developers and operators across the entire lifecycle of an asset. Read about other services from the global Infrastructure & Capital Projects team.