Deloitte Global Marketing Trends 2023 – Middle East

Resilient seeds for growth

Welcome to Global Marketing Trends 2023!

This report comes from Deloitte’s CMO Program, a team committed to connecting chief marketing officers with the tools and resources needed to succeed. For this year’s report, insights were gained from 1,015 C-suite executives and leaders from brands across the world including those from the UAE and Saudi Arabia to begin to understand how they plan to approach 2023.

From these ideas, and through consultation with subject matter experts across Deloitte, this year’s report explores how we as marketers are uniquely positioned to create new levers for growth across four key trends.. 

Brands answer economic instability with marketing investments
CMOs surveyed are prioritizing new technologies, expanding markets and customer personalization to help their brands endure and thrive in uncertain times 

CMOs drive growth through internal sustainability efforts
As consumers stress sustainability as critical to their brand choices, marketers are recognizing equity and environmental impact from the inside out  

Creativity as a force for growth
Common among high-growth brands surveyed are processes and thinking that encourage creativity, risk-taking and cross-functional collaboration 

Rising technologies for marketers to watch
Adoption of emerging technologies can create competitive advantages, and marketers are looking at the metaverse and blockchain as particularly promising


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2023 Global Marketing Trends - Resilient Seeds for Growth

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