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November 2018


  • Central America: The Customs Union expands in Central America.

Asia Pacific

  • Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership: The TPP-11 will enter into force for a number of countries on 30 December 2018.
  • Australia-Hong Kong: Australia and Hong Kong have concluded negotiations for a free trade agreement.


  • Czech Republic: An amendment to the VAT Act which was to take effect from January 2019 will be postponed by several months.
  • Denmark: A binding instruction has been issued regarding VAT deduction by holding companies.
  • Denmark: A recent CJEU judgment deals with the VAT deductibility of costs directly related to the sale of shares in subsidiaries.
  • Germany: The Federal Tax Court has referred a question to the CJEU concerning the VAT rate applicable to the rental of boat moorings.
  • Greece: The provisions of the law regarding accelerated processing of VAT refunds have been notified.
  • Greece: There has been an announcement on mandatory e-invoicing and e-bookkeeping.
  • Ireland: Finance Bill 2018 included a number of indirect tax changes.
  • Ireland: There has been a CJEU judgment on VAT recovery on deal fees.
  • Italy: The tax authorities have provided some clarifications on e-invoicing.
  • Italy: The tax authorities have also provided clarifications regarding the new VAT grouping rules.
  • Italy: A ruling has set out the VAT treatment of transfer pricing adjustments.
  • Italy: There are new parameters for training activities to achieve qualification for Authorized Economic Operator.
  • Italy: There have been clarifications on the amendments made to Regulation (EU) no. 2246/2015.
  • Italy: There is an update on the customs assessment procedure.
  • Italy: There is information regarding the tax treatment of fuels used in the combined generation of electricity and heat.
  • Malta: Malta issues guidelines on the VAT treatment of distributed ledger technology assets.
  • Netherlands: The 2019 Tax Plan was adopted by the House of Representatives.
  • Poland: A new draft bill introduces new VAT rates and classifications and Binding Rates Information.
  • Poland: From 1 January 2019, electronic monitoring will be introduced in Poland for excise goods exempt from excise duty due to their intended use and harmonized excise goods subject to a zero excise duty rate.
  • Portugal: The annual tax return is to be pre-filled based on the accounting SAF-T(PT) file.
  • Russia: Storage services of aviation fuel rendered outside of an airport area should not be exempt from Russian VAT.
  • Russia: The Ministry of Finance clarified that from 1 January 2019, Russian buyers of e-services rendered by a foreign legal entity should not act as tax agents.
  • Russia: The supply of goods in Russia between two foreign entities not subject to registration with the tax authorities should not be subject to Russian VAT.
  • Russia: The Ministry of Finance clarified that foreign legal entities registered with the Russian tax authorities should account for and pay VAT with respect to rendered services (performed work) subject to Russian VAT based on the place of supply rules.
  • Russia: The Ministry of Finance clarified the application of the 20% VAT rate for supplies made after 1 January 2019 of goods acquired before 1 January 2019.
  • Russia: The Federal Tax Service plans to amend the VAT return form.
  • Russia: Imports of biomedical cellulated products will be regulated.
  • Slovakia: There is an amendment to the VAT Act with respect to the application of the reduced VAT rate.
  • South Africa: There is an update on the phased roll-out of the New Customs Act.
  • Spain: A preliminary draft law has been published including a number of indirect tax proposals.
  • Spain: A Royal Decree-Law has been approved regarding measures for energy transition and consumer protection.
  • Spain: The draft law on the 2019 general budget for the Canary Islands has been delivered.
  • Switzerland: New rules on distance sales of low value goods take effect from January 2019.
  • United Kingdom: The CJEU has rejected the 'cost component' approach to VAT partial exemption.
  • United Kingdom: There are a number of VAT measures included in the recently introduced Finance Bill.
  • United Kingdom: There is an update on Making Tax Digital for VAT.

Eurasian Economic Union

  • Rates of import customs duty have been established on motor vehicles for industrial assembly.
  • A Technical Regulation establishes rules for the safety of children's playground equipment.
  • Decisions of the Eurasian Economic Commission have explained the classification of certain products.
  • Commodity codes have been extended for certain types of organic chemical compounds.
  • The list of goods to which temporary prohibition or export restrictions may be imposed has been extended.
  • A list of products has been established for which certain documentation is required for customs clearance.
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