Global Employer Services in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Your advisor on Workforce strategy in KSA

The workforce landscape in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) is rapidly evolving to attract the best talent and reward companies who also contribute to the development of local talent. Against this backdrop, companies operating and seeking to operate in KSA will need to ensure that they have a workforce strategy that aligns with the continuously changing landscape.

Deloitte has created a document that outlines how our Global Employer Services (GES) specialists can help design a holistic workforce strategy that will help to ensure businesses in KSA have and maintain a strategic advantage. This will include:

  • Capturing the best of government benefits, 
  • Managing the impact of ongoing regulatory changes, 
  • Developing the framework to address local challenges (including talent retention), 
  • Ensuring compliance, and 
  • Aligning with the businesses needs and priorities.

Download this document to find out how Deloitte can assist your business in meeting its workforce strategic objectives.

Global Employer Services in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

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