Abbas Ali Mirza

Partner | Audit & Assurance

Abbas Ali Mirza

Emaar Square, Building 3

Downtown Dubai


United Arab Emirates


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Abbas Ali Mirza is an Audit Partner at Deloitte Middle East and the Managing Partner of Deloitte LLP, DIFC, Dubai. He has gained extensive diversified Audit experience by managing, for over 25 years, as a lead Audit engagement Partner, multinational clients (including significant components of SEC registrants) and major business groups with global operations. He is designated as the IFRS Leader for the ME region. Representing the firm, he has Chaired and addressed major international conferences as a Keynote Speaker on IFRS (including the "World Accounting Summit" for 10 consecutive years).

He has been a lead author of 15 books on IFRS published by "WILEY" in the US. He was elected Chairman of the 21st Session of the UNCTAD's Inter Governmental Group of Experts on International Accounting and Reporting (ISAR) at the United Nations in Geneva.

Abbas Ali Mirza