Catia Pinto Ferreira

Greenhouse Lab Manager

Catia Pinto Ferreira

Catia is the Middle East Specialist Designer Lab Manager for virtual, hybrid and in-person Lab Experiences.

Catia was Leading the Strategic Design Business Area, developing multiple cross industry projects in Portugal, connecting with more than 1.000 professionals and CEOs in different business units such as Marketing, Design, Quality and Assurance, Human Capital, Product Development and Legal.

In the past she was parte of Deloitte Portuguese firm, with different project in Digital Transformation by using Design Thinking and Service Design tools & methodologies – where she was involved in design the 1) Future of Mobility digital strategy, 2) Omni-channel retail digital strategy, 3) Economic and financial performance of the most innovative companies in Portugal and design the new national innovation evaluation model and 4) Smart cities project.

During that time, she was also the PMO Greenhouse Lab EMEA, where she was able to travel around the world to deliver and design experiences to transform the usual business (Labs and Summits).

In the present, she designs immersive digital experiences to take teams to their full potential. Catia make impact by inspiring others to be creative, to be visionaries, to have critical sense and to transform the business as usual.

Her academic background come from a Bachelor of Management, a master’s degree in Finance, Tax and Accountability, a Post-Graduation in Design for Creative Industries and Product Manager and Growth Strategy Certificate.

Catia Pinto Ferreira