The Economic Employer Concept and how to manage Business Travel Compliance Risks

Deloitte Nordic seminar

HR, finance or global mobility specialist? Welcome to an interactive seminar on “the economic employer concept and how to manage business travel compliance risks”.

Global Business Travelers can trigger compliance and withholding obligations. If the proposed legislation about the economic employer concept becomes reality, the compliance issue in Sweden will increase.

Authorities around the world, including Sweden, are increasing their focus on business travelers, placing greater scrutiny on them and their employers.

Additionally, employers are expected to have full oversight of their business travelers; actively managing consequent compliance risks associated with immigration, tax, social security, payroll and permanent establishment.

How can your organization keep on top of the shifting landscape, enhance governance and strengthen compliance?

The seminars will take place in Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Finland with local variations. Please use the link to register for the seminar held in Stockholm. If you are interested in any of the other events or if you have any questions about the event please contact Linn Wirén lwiren@deloitte.se.


During the seminar our Swedish and British experts will cover:

  • Business Traveler compliance – points to consider 
  • The Economic Employer concept
  • Deloitte «Business Travel Analytics» (BTA) tool
  • Practical session; case study with examples on how Deloitte has assisted clients with business traveler management


On the same day, between 8.30 and 12.00, Deloitte will also host an event regarding the upcoming new legislation about monthly employer reporting on an individual basis. The invitation for that event will be sent out shortly. Should you register for both events lunch will be provided on the Deloitte premises and you will be contacted for any food preferences.

Practical information

Stockholm, Sweden
Tuesday, 17 April

Registration from 12.30

Rehnsgatan 11


Oslo, Norway
Monday, 9 April

Breakfast and registration from 08.00

Copenhagen, Denmark
Tuesday, 10 April

Breakfast and registration from 08.30

Helsinki, Finland
Thursday, 12 April

Breakfast and registration from 08.00.



If you have questions about this event please contact Linn Wirén, lwiren@deloitte.se. Mobile: +46 70 080 20 54