Unlocking the potential of Blockchain

Welcome to a breakfast seminar on practical implementations of Blockchain facilitated by Lory Kehoe, Deloitte's EMEA Blockchain Lab Lead who has led and delivered blockchain production implementations, strategy projects, pilots and PoCs. Lory is the author of multiple blockchain articles and is regularly quoted in the Financial Times on the subject.

From bartering to bank notes, the exchange of value has always been a cornerstone of society, exchanging more than just assets but also knowledge. 20 years ago, the internet changed the world. We are now at the next stage of its evolution, the internet of value. Blockchain, the technology likely to have the greatest impact on the next few decades, has arrived.
Innovating across a rapidly accelerating range of use-cases, Blockchain will empower consumers, organisations and regulators alike to connect and exchange value in more dynamic, efficient and immediate ways. This session will cover practical implementations of Blockchain through presentation of Proof of Concepts from various business sectors.

Praktisk information

Tuesday 7 november
Registration and breakfast at 08.00 

Rehnsgatan 11



Ester Sundström

Ester Sundström

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Ester Sundström is a Risk Advisory Partner specialised in IT Risk Management and Compliance, focusing on the financial industry and the consumer business industry. Within these fields she also works w... Mer