Tax in the Nordic Financial Services Industry

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13.00-13.10 CET


Jens Gullfeldt and Anitza Zester will greet you welcome and introduce today's agenda, on behalf of the Nordic FSI Tax team, including Karin Remoe, Martin Poulsen, Thordis Bjarnadottir and Virpi Pasanen.

13:10-13:20 CET

Overview of trending Tax topics in FSI in a European context

Sue Holmes, Financial Services Leader Tax & Legal, Deloitte North and South Europe

The pandemic has had a global impact and we’ve seen the launch of huge stimulus packages to ensure the financial systems doesn’t collapse. How will this affect the future of Tax and Financial Services, once the pandemic is over?

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13:20-14:00 CET

Regulation and Tax - Friend or Foe

Elisabeth Werneman, Financial Services Leader, Deloitte Sweden

Why tax risks fit into the regulatory system and how can you make your case to why this is true.


14.10 - 14.50 CET

Hot tax topics in the Nordic countries

Anitza Zester, Karin Remoe, Virpi Pasanen, Martin Poulsen and Thordis Bjarnadottir

What's going on in taxation in each Nordic country? Overview of most relevant tax topics.

Remote work is trending - let's talk about the risks!

Helena Nyqvist Johnson, Linnea Ranvinge and Hannu Kasanen

Join us for a session to discuss the current trends around remote work. What are the key implications for you as an employer from a tax, reporting and cyber risk perspective?

Nordic VAT update

Tomas Sydner, Janne Huttunen, Lars Erik Norborg and Cliff Kristoffersen

Presentation of recent EU case law and how it has impacted the Nordic FSI sector.

Update on FATCA/CRS/QI compliance

Frida Borg, Tom Howgate and Jason McGarvey

Please join us during a session where we discuss the latest updates on FATCA/CRS and QI compliance. We will give an update and discuss recent and potential future changes to reporting requirements under FATCA and CRS, the different approaches taken by tax authorities in ensuring compliance, the expected role of Responsible Officers, and how industry trends towards technology and managed services are helping Financial Institutions meet their due diligence and reporting obligations.


15.10 - 15.50 CET

TP controversy across the Nordics 

Olov Lewin, Jesper Skovhus and Hanna Viilo

Overview of domestic rules and measures to resolve double tax across the Nordics from a practical point of view. or PE? The impact of MLI

Karin Remoe 

This session will focus on the BEPS discussions around the definition of PE, how different countries have solved the implementation on the new approach through MLIs and how the different approaches may impact the FIs that have offices around the world.

SAF-T and digital reporting in Norway for financial institutions

Jon Henry Rosseland and Ina Renate Turi

This session will focus on the new digital VAT reporting in Norway from 2022 as well as the impacts the new changes in tax authorities guidelines in relation to SAF-T will mean for financial institutions in Norway. 

DAC6 – what are our experiences so far? 

Virpi Pasanen, Frida Borg and Martin Poulsen 

The EU directive DAC6 has now been in force for a while and intermediaries such as tax advisors, banks and others as well as relevant taxpayers have an ongoing obligation to report so called reportable cross-border arrangements. Join us during this session where we will discuss our experiences this far in Finland, Sweden and Denmark. 

16.00 - 16.45 CET

Tax and sustainability in the Financial Services industry

Jens Gullfeldt, Helena Barton, Mark Kennedy, Magnus Skaaden

In this session we will cover the broader context of sustainability and how tax more and more becomes a topic in relation to this. We will share insights from current developments and focus areas in the industry and Magnus Skaaden, Head of Tax at Handelsbanken, will share his experiences from working actively with these questions at Handelsbanken.

16.45 - 17.00 CET

Closing remarks

Watch this session in the video player in the section above.

Pre-recordered video | Withholding taxes in the Nordics - A new landscape