COVID-19: Impact on food & beverage consumer products companies


COVID-19: Impact on food & beverage consumer products companies

Guidance for consumer products executives leading food and beverage companies

Consumer Products food & beverage companies are facing significantly reduced consumption as well as disrupted supply chains. At-home consumption has increased, but out-of-home consumption – which historically generates the highest margin – has come to nearly a standstill. There may be long-term changes in customer behavior and demand.

Topics covered in this article:

  • Potential long-term impact on Consumer Products food companies, including sourcing strategies, distribution networks, and commodity pricing.
  • Key questions leaders should ask, including about alternative channels, and ongoing relationships with key suppliers and customers.
  • Practical next steps, including contingency plans for supply chain disruptions, and supporting business continuity.
Understanding COVID-19’s impact on Consumer Products executives leading food and beverage companies
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