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Inside Magazine EMEA Technology

November 2017

New technologies have shaken the client/provider relationship and organizations now need to adapt their business models to face new competitors, business models which will enable them to tackle new opportunities. In this way, digital and related services providing transformations are a key topic we want to emphasize with the development of FinTech hubs and the new ways of consuming retail services.

These digital innovations are only sustained by efficient and agile organizations that have made the necessary investments in their core functions. In section two, we will cover the elements that will enable you to make the most of the benefits of new technologies through the internal delivery chain.

None of these technologies can deliver their benefits without trust. The trust customers have when making a payment or when employees validate an electronic identity is key to securely manage the growing number of players required to deliver a service. The customers’ trust in the services you provide should be at least equal to the one employees have in the system they log in to every morning.

We hope this edition will provide you with inspiring thoughts and will bring you even more success in anticipating these coming trends.

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In this issue

Part 01 | From a digital perspective

Part 02 | From a core transformation/ technology perspective

Part 03 | From a risk and cyber perspective

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