Executives’ top desired outcome for their I4.0 strategies is “driving greater revenue,” outpacing the second-highest desired outcome two-to-one. “Increasing company’s positive impact on society” is also a top-five desired outcome.

“Companies are starting to understand the massive impact of Industry 4.0 and the role of technology in disrupting business models and processes. The challenge is figuring out the intermediate steps they need to take and how to go from point A to point C. It’s about creating not just a technology road map, but also a business and investment road map for the long term."

Deepak Krishnamurthy, Chief Strategy and Transformation Officer, SAP

Companies with comprehensive strategies to take advantage of Industry 4.0 technologies are generating success across multiple areas of the business, from product innovation to workforce readiness to societal impact.

“Technology is primarily a tool with no value if it doesn’t align with our strategy or improve our operations as a whole. The opportunities technology provides are overwhelming, and the pace in which they evolve makes it difficult to decide on timing and direction. The only way to see long-term and strategic benefits from tech is to anchor it in our strategy, which we do at all levels—from the operations of our business to inventing service solutions together with and for our customers."

Jeff Gravenhorst, CEO, ISS

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