Terms and conditions

Rules of the programme

Sweden’s Best Managed Companies programme is open to all companies who satisfy the eligibility criteria.

Companies need to complete Phase I and Phase II applications via a secure online website in accordance with the Sweden’s Best Managed Companies programme Terms and conditions.

The Best Managed Companies will be selected by an independent judging panel according to the global Best Managed Companies framework in which management abilities and practices are assessed in the following domains: Strategy, Capabilities and Innovation, Culture and Commitment, and Governance and Financials. The judging panel reserves the right to de-select an application at any stage of the programme.

The jury decision of Sweden's Best Managed Companies is solely based on the information provided by the applicant within the self-assessment. The applicant remains the responsible for the provided information. At no times, the jury decision could be interpreted as a professional attestation or opinion (based on the necessary audit steps). The judging panel’s decision, regarding the award of the Best Managed Companies programme and the companies that will be awarded, is indisputable.


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