Deloitte Innovation Accelerator: Ventures for Impact

Making an impact that matters for people, planet and prosperity with the power of innovation

The Deloitte Innovation Accelerator program is up and running and we are extremely proud to be helping our winning start-ups in their scaling journey.

In April 2022, Deloitte organized our first pitch event for the Accelerator Program - Ventures for Impact. The purpose was to identify and select three early-stage start-ups, founded in Sweden, that share our ambition of making an impact that matters for people, planet and prosperity through the power of innovation.

With over 200+ nominations, we short-listed twelve start-ups. During the evening, they pitched their ideas and plans to our jury, representing some of the most influential companies in Sweden, e.g., IKEA, H&M, EQT, ICA and SEB. Together with our jury, we selected three winners, Aquammodate, PlasticFri and Hack Your Closet.

The aim of the program is that the winners will develop their ideas and provide better and more sustainable solutions to the market, creating a cleaner world. The program is tailored to fit the needs of each start-up. Since May, Deloitte has supported the start-ups to develop a tailored roadmap and provide them with relevant resources to ensure that they achieve their goals and targets. The Acceleration Program will continue to run during the autumn 2022.

However, time flies and we are already starting to plan for the pitch event of 2023 which we really are looking forward to! While we are waiting for spring 2023, you can have a look at the after-movie from this year's pitch event.

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