Learning Journey

Taking you to the best place to bring the future challenges to life in a pressure cooker​

Learning Journey

It is our experience that nothing beats seeing it with your own eyes and sharing this experience as a foundation to align on the long term opportunity.​ During our learning journeys we take the leadership on an immersive off-site to be inspired, learn and discuss with others, and experience how it could be different. ​

The result is a broader sense of the opportunity space and the different elements that need to come together to be successful. Together we create a common foundation, sense of direction and actionable insights. Each journey is different and curated to the specific needs of your business.

Example Learning Journeys

  • 24hrs: digital immersion from 5PM-5PM, designed around key challenge with various speakers and ventures. 
  • 3-5 day learning journey in for example Amsterdam, Silicon Valley, Tel Aviv, Shanghai.