Accounting Roundup Special Edition Annual Update on Accounting for Income Taxesus

Accounting Roundup — Special Edition: Annual Update on Accounting for Income Taxes is intended to help keep financial professionals up to date on current developments and plan for future changes. This publication summarizes significant topics that have affected accounting and financial reporting for income taxes over the past year as well as issues that could have a significant impact in the future. Also included are links to other resources that dive deeper into the topics discussed in the articles.

Accounting Roundup, published by Deloitte & Touche LLP, briefly describes recent U.S. regulatory and professional developments in the field of accounting. In each issue, visitors find summaries with hyperlinks to more detailed information. Accounting Roundup acts as a resource guide for accounting, financial, investment, legal, tax, and other business professionals.

Find the complete issue of Accounting Roundup in the PDF attachment. Or visit our Accounting Roundup Archive, where you can access past issues and other special editions.

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